Shotokan Chars: Do you like them?

In my opinion, they are some of the easiest chars to use in the game. There moves are mainly qcf or qcb which make them easier than charge chars. What’s you opinion on them?

I think thats a pretty stupid assessment.

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Daigo plays them,so they must be good.



‘legendary fighting game player daigo umehara’

In what way? He pretty much nailed it. There’s a reason every joe schmo plays Ryu and only assholes play Guile. :smokin:

I kid.

you not.

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It’s an even stupider assessment to say the sole reason Ryu is a very popular character is because of a perceived relative ease in execution.

What do you think of Guile characters?

In my opinion, they are some of the easiest chars to use in the game. There moves are mainly back-forward or down-up which make them easier than QCF and QCB characters. What’s you opinion on them?

I don’t usually play as Shotos, but I always respect them because however many scrubs may play them, the people who bitch the loudest about them are usually equally scrubby, if not scrubbier. At least the people playing Shotos, however casual, are usually playing them because they really think they’re cool.

Of course when I talk about Shotos I’m usually just thinking of Ryu/Ken. Sagat, Sean and Sakura stray too far from the moderation of the Ryu/Ken formula to be considered true Shotos. Akuma is probably the Shoto I respect the most because he’s such a mechanically fascinating take on the Ryu/Ken formula. He exchanges life for attack power and mobility (teleport, Demon Flip) and can do some truly fascinating things with his air fireball alone…all the other stuff he has basically builds around the space-control option of his air fireball.

The Shotos attract a lot of hate because they’re such middle-of-the-road characters, but a fighting game roster can’t be all extreme nutballs. There’s got to be somebody in the middle, not just as a platform for people new to fighting games to learn the game, but also for more experienced players looking to evaluate where their true gameplay strengths lie with a character who has at least a decent tool for more or less every situation. Get a taste for fireballs, blockstrings, smart use of reversals (I play so many characters with piss-poor reversals in various games that I often have a hard time making smart use of characters that DO have them), see whether you want to stick with your current direction or try a new fundamental approach to your game of choice.

I still hate SF4 Ryu, though. Fuck that guy. ST Ryu is where it’s at.

Fuck Guile’s air throw. I swear to God that motherfucker throws one more fucking Sonic Boom at me and come Super I’m going to Psycho Abortion the everloving shit out of him. Same goes for Chun-Li and Kikoken + jump double fierce + every goddamn button she hits on the ground. Their suffering will be DELICIOUS.

I find them overtly generic and too easy to use in most games. I like the variations of the Shoto that SNK pumps out (not counting Ryo in KOF XII) and will use them. But if it’s Ryu/Ken, I don’t play them. Herd mentality is a factor too. It’s annoying when 9 times out of 10 with all kinds of players, that you fight no one but Ryu/Ken.

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Dhalsim is the easiest character ever, he can hit you with normal attacks from across the room! What good is a fireball, when he can hit you before you even throw it? He’s like, a yoga god or something…

I really enjoy shotacon characters

They were my favorite when I started out, along with most people’s.

I only like DBZ Super Butoden Inputs. Foward, Back, Forward+P for force shove is the shit.

A quick pic of everyone’s favorite Shotokan character

It is shotokan not shotacon.

Well, right now I don’t really use them but I’ve always like them.