Shotokan Fighters


Guess it belongs to here since it’s pretty much a thread about a few games of SF

It may be a newb question, But I’m serious

In the SF Series, we have 7 Shotokan users [Could be even more, rarely played EX]


Now I know they have their differences, and that Ryu and Ken were pretty much the same fighter in the beginning

Ryu [Strong Hadouken]
Ken [Fast, Strong Shryouken]
Akuma [Advanced Ryu/Ken]
Dan [Weak/Joke moves]
And dunno too much about the differences of the rest, besides supers of course [Though they have similarities/ based on Shotokan moves]

Don’t get me wrong, I like to play them, but seriously, why there are so many Shotokan fighters, and what’s the differences between all of them? It’s not clones like MK. But this question has been bugging me for some time


Sean and Gouken are the ones who fit the mold the least. Gouken lacks a regular DP and has some extra moves his students don’t. Sean, while he’s Ken’s student, has some moves unique to him as well and doesn’t play much like a regular one.

Dan isn’t Shoto, he’s Saikyo!:wgrin:


I know it’s a different style, but didn’t he just developed it because Gouken [Or was it Ryu?] Didn’t wanna teach him Shotokan? And Basically his attacks are the same, He has a poor Hadouken, Some sort of Hurricane Kick and a Shiryouken


The wink and grin should’ve told you that I was joking.


You forgot Kairi.




Oh nein.


Fuck Kairi. Allen in the house.

You straight up can NOT fuck with those sideburns.


Makoto I believe was the only actual Shoto in SF.


She seemed more like Kyokushin to me.

As for the term “shoto”, blame Capcom USA for translating it as such.


Apparently the word “Anatsuken” was not badass enough for the Capcom USA marketing department in 1992. I’m sure that every kid in the country knew something was up when they saw these video game characters throwing fireballs that they were never taught about in their after-school karate lessons.


If you go by fluff, which most people on SRK don’t give two shits about. Gouken trained Dan for a period of time, either before or during his time training Ryu and Ken. Gouken cast him out though when he found out Dan only wanted to learn in order to get revenge on and kill Sagat.

You saw how well that worked out for him.


Well, even though Sakura has both hadouken and shoryuken(or shou’ouken in this case), in SFIV they’re pretty much no good to use the same way as Ryu/Ken, I think.

Shou’ouken - not good anti-air, can’t reversal unless EX, moves forward, multi-hit
Hadouken - slow to use, varies in strength/size/reach depending on how long it’s charged
Tatsu - EX launches, otherwise pretty similar?

And her unique move is the Otoshi, jumping into the air to smash the opponent up to three times - if you land without pressing P there is massive recovery.

So there’s Sak for ya I guess, at least as far as I can tell… Not a pro.

Also, Allen looks badass. Need to play EX now, never really tried them before.


Allen is the shit, whenever I bust out my copy of EX plus A for playstation (Only EX game I own) I usually play Allen, he’s got great juggles and his Falcon Punch does some nice damage. As Spudly mentioned, those sideburns are god-tier.


Sean and Gouken are shotos in terms of storyline, but they aren’t shotos gamplay wise. Neither play anything like a shoto, especially Gouken. I would say that each has an interpretation of the style though.

Gouken - Master of the style, the best known practitioneer
Akuma - Another master, but with dark hadou mixed in, and this touch of death.
Ryu - I believe he has the most basic fundamental style according to cannon
Ken - Freestyle shoto. Flashy and aggressive, but not as powerful. I think this is meant to be a jab towards how Japanese interpret Americans
Dan - Shoto at his core mixed with Saikyo. However his style is under developed.
Sean - he practiced with Ken, but his style is sloppy. Due to the fact because of his lack of self control, he can’t throw a fireball within using too much energy. Which is why his hadoken is actually a super.

Sakura is an honerable mention. Though I don’t think she had any formal training by any shoto practitioner. Not sure who trained her, but her style lacks the refinement of other shotos.

There is also Retsu who trained with Ryu and Ken. Wish they would put him into a later game, because it’s hard to see his style due to him only being a computer controlled opponent in SF1


Retsu’s style is Shorinji Kenpo.