Shotokan Madness!


This is a pic I did for the 1st stage of a competition draw-off which I won…so 1st place in the 1st stage, ill show you the entry to the final stage soon… Shall I explain how the competition worked? lol…ahh hell, just enjoy the piece:lol:
(as you can see: Akuma, Evil Ryu & Violent Ken!)

You like?


wow good stuff i really like it. ryu’s expression is right on the money. only thing i can see is that maybe ryu’s mouth is a little too much to the right?


hey I too think its a cool pic…nice rigid lines as well…evil ryu looks great, I dont find the mouth to be a problem hes facing left so it all balances out…:slight_smile:


great piece, you should get it coloured, it would own so much more.


I really like the picture, particularly the lines - very cool. Personally, i think the mouth is bit towards the right and is that Ken in the bottom left? Why’s he all evil and stuff?


thanks people!

Yeah that is Ken at the bottom… surely you’ve heard of “Violent Ken” :smiley: He ain’t a good guy evidently… I guess i can sort of see what you guys meant by the mouth, but by the time i realized it, it was too late…Also yeah I am getting this one coloured…but watch out for another Akuma one, I got it coloured :cool:
Again, i’m glad you like it…more coming soon…