Shotos' jumping kick



Hi everyone, this is my first post and I’m quite new to the SF’s scene, so please bear with my silly question; also, English isn’t my native language, so pardon my mistakes, I’ll do my best.
I’m less than a scrub at the moment, so I can’t figure out how to manage this scenario: suppose this is a Guile vs. Ryu match, more or less half screen distance, Guile throws a SB, Ryu jumps forward and starts a combo (usually (i guess), x FB). Once boom’s recovery is over Ryu hasn’t landed yet but there’s no time for an anti-air (cr.hp would fail, and so would
Is there a more powerful option than just block and wait for the combo to be over? This keeps happening to me all the time. I also tried to avoid throwing booms at that distance but in that case I end up not knowing what to do since f.hp is easily predictable and fishing for a poke with a FA rarely leads to something.
Ok, that’s it. Thanks for reading!


Neutral Standing Medium Kick is the answer for those further away jump ins at a 45 degree angle where c.hp will fail.

Remember, if you sonic boom and the opponent jumps at the same time, that was basically a guess on their part, not a reactionary jump. The power of sonic boom is that even if you do boom at the same time they jump, you actually do have time to anti-air if you react fast enough but if you constantly find yourself having to block the jump in, it may be because your booms are becoming predictable. It’s important to observe if your opponent is jumping on reaction or jumping on prediction, the answer to which is to simply not boom at that moment.


I just picked up guile a few days ago and i usually have time to do an air throw in that situation. You can also have a flash kick charged and receive em with that.

Then again if they jump at the same time/before you do the sb, like @Ahgama‌ said try mixing up your boom game a bit.


Thank you for your suggestions guys.

I already knew that most of those jump were reads rather than reactions, but having someone tell me that explicitly made me more aware of the problem and I’m no longer falling in the trap so many times now.

I use as an AA but that would come out too slow in this situation (suppose Ryu starts its jump from a very close distance, more or less the distance covered by a backfist… there’s no time for an air-throw or charge for a fk). Can be used as an AA as well?


Yes, close will AA but it’s not as effective as far cr.HP or close st.HP is probably your best option. Keep in mind you can tag them with a normal in their pre-jump frames. Finally close st.HK can stop super deep jump ins, but I think it’s character situational. It is the def the ultimate answer to Honda butt-slam bs however.