Shotos Must Die!

Why do people try and noob you out. I know better than to attack but these shoto players just sit there and mash LP srk the whole match, this is GODLY annoying. Half of them with raggedy connections makes it hard to counter this. Half of them also want to give themselves credit like they’ve accomplished something…eh lets try this offline and see what happens.

Now that we are speaking of shoto’s I’m having a problem with air tatsu, not the xup. It seems I can’t aa properly and they’ve gotten in solely with that. Whats the best thing to do against air tatsu whether it be ryu’s or sakura’s.

@ the myz yeah I’ve run into those shoryu, KENs. You can’t poke as much and try you best to punish the whiffs but only if you’re sure if not you get hit by their second DP.

if they ust beat u using lp shoryuken
then u really have problem with your Sim :slight_smile:

u can throw fireballs only let them do shoryuken :smiley:

if they try to jump over the fireball just anti air them

Congrats you WON :smiley:

I heard blocking works wonders :tup:

I’m just saying they do it like you don’t know any better and then get mad when they get their @zz handed to them.

No one answered this. Can someone please? And speaking of hurricane kicks from Ryu and/or Ken, why is it I rarely if ever see them being used against Sim? I watched the Fillipino champ vs Diago most recent matches and Diago didnt use it. Why is that? Even the commentators mentioned how Diago didnt want to use it or rarely used it. Is it because it can be easily punished?

Ryu And akuma can’t do it anymore, but ken and sakura can.

Even Ken and Sak can’t air tatsu reliably, it’s just a free b.rh unless they set it up really well.