Shotos wallpaper

I had always wanted to do something with the ken,ryu,akuma pics from cvs2. So I just randomly thought I would make a wallpaper. I little hader than it seemed but im pleased with the result. It’s 1024x768. Other size’s available by request.

Enjoy ^ ^

Sean’s missing :slight_smile:

he’s the guy on top of the roof in ryu’s stage ^ ^ (right above the last “T” in “street”)

until i see sean this sucks.

give him his own slot.

now thats tough. goodness that looks good.

Man, that would be sweet if all 4 of them were on the same pose as ken and sean.

this is now my wallpaper.

very very very cool stuff man. :tup:

hahahaha fuck sean i’ll take the first one

edit - the words get cut off on the top.

(i use a mac, so i don’t know if you care.)