Shots fired????....

So umm yeah i saw Spooky post this on twitter and figured to see whats the take on this.

I am deaf, someone give me a break down word for word. Or just a summary. But preferably word for word.

Chef Boyardee baby.

Erin Diaz doesn’t “play card games professionally” lol, he’s fucking banned for cheating and was always known as a cheater.

What kind of cheating did he do?.. Just curious.

while its pretty fucked up what dre did if remix’s story is accurate, at the very least they’re producing content that help people. emp prides itself on building the scene when all they do is build themselves up while shitting on everyone whos not in emp. jago releases videos that help new players understand shit, emp bodies them for free and talk shit about how the ec sucks

neither side is right on this, selling out your friends for $200 and an ipad is fucked up, but so is airing everything out in a childish callout video where every other word out of your mouth is fuck, dick, nigga or you know. if you want to re-invent your fighting game division, then one of the first things we see out of empire shouldn’t be this. your conduct is deplorable and whoever’s idea it was to make this video is no better than whoevers idea it was to OK the video.

Is this for real?

This is a pretty childish way of addressing any problems you have with a person. Why couldn’t this be handled in private? It’s one thing to be a beef between players in a video game, but to air your dirty laundry like this is why there’s a problem with how outsiders view this community. If there was a problem on stream you’re only exacerbating it by addressing it in such a public way.

Whatever. It’s this behavior that drove me away from the scene and why I’m still embarrassed to admit to people it even exists.

Who cares?

…actually I do because I think it is funny. :rofl:

The most blatant shit possible, then always said how “pro” he was or how “pro” his play was.

If he was indeed screwed up and betrayed by Jago then yeah I agree with him 100% on this video.

Got 2 minutes in and stopped cause it looks like an episode of Jerry Springer, keep this stuff in the closet IMO.