Should 360 be the tournament standard playing console?

Its well known that ps3 has a problem keeping a consistent frame rate. After reading on here and hearing people talk about how playing on any stage but training room in mvc3 was horrid on the ps3 it really has me wondering. Why not make 360 the main console?

Does ps3 have a contract with evo? New Xboxs don’t red ring anymore so that can’t be the problem. Someone help me out!

(and just for the sake of putting this here, Im not hating on sony. ps2 was the best system of all time, Im asking for terms of competitive-ness nothing else)

Personally I say yes, 360 should be the standard for SSF4:AE and Marvel. Tekken and I guess BB play fine on PS3 from what I understand. The ONLY thing that the 360 has against it is the issue of de syncing controllers. If done right, though, it really becomes a non issue. While Sony having a contract with Evo is up to speculation, realistically they already own the PS3s so why not just go ahead and use them? From what I understand, most tournaments are starting to switch.

I think 360 is the better choice, but EVO already has a bunch of PS3s. It would cost a bunch to re-buy everything.

It definitely should be. But unfortunately, switching over would probably mean losing Sony as an EVO sponsor.

This discussion has been done countless times. It gives everyone a headache and never ends well.

So please, shut up.

All I know is, coming into the scene it’s looking like I’ll have to eventually buy two sticks or get them dual modded which is kind of irritating.

Why wouldn’t you daul mod in the first place in case a game runs better on one console than the other?

And yeah this convo has been done to death, nothing is gonna change. And doesn’t AE run faster on 360?

Go get your stick dual modded or buy a custom. Support the community.

I plan to eventually, but right now I only have a PS3 and not much money and I’m just starting out so I don’t know how often I would leave the house to go play. Especially because it seems like places are far away. I really would like to get involved with the community but I don’t exactly have the time right now. Sorry, this kinda is digressing from the main topic.

Input lag varies by game not console

Same thing with frame rate.

Jaxel rants about 360 being a nightmare to run large tourneys on frequently.

if you’re not supplying enough 360s to replace all the PS3s used at EVO, stop suggesting they do - paraphrasing what one of the guys who run EVO said


Evo is sponsered by sony, half the majors if not all are now a road to evo for seeding points meaning they are stil evo events meaning they are somehow tied to the sponsership.

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I dont recall seeing Sony listed on the stream with the rest of the sponsors. I thought Evo only uses PS3’s because they have them?

Sony sponsers EVO… everyone knows that…

I’ve seen people SAY that, but I’ve never seen anything that proves it.

I think it was EVO having a lot of PS3s that lead to Sony’s involvement, not Sony giving away PS3s to get involved.

Post #6, by Ponder is what makes it sound like there’s no Sony sponsorship.

Yes master lol. Please forgive me!

Well if people don’t talk about it, then how will it ever change?

Ya I was always under the impression that the only reason Evo used PS3 was because Tekken 5DR or maybe 6 was PS3 exclusive.

there isn’t a reason to change.

No. Sony is one of the main sponsors. Plus buying new systems would be a waste of time and money.

Consistent non-droping frame rate.