Should ACME get an MVS/Neo Geo cabinet, and what games?

You can select multiple games, if you’re not going to actually play the Neo Geo MVS when you’re there just select “No”, I would like to get an accurate headcount of people who would financially support some SNK love at Acme. :slight_smile:

Let’s discuss a Neo Geo/MVS machine at ACME, Let’s just try to get a standard Big Red cabinet there, Bill went out of his way to get Japanese controls on ST, but I am pretty sure all of us SNK heads can play them fine on American, I know I will be scraping you guys in oldskool SNK if there are happs. :smiley:

Personally I would go 98, 2k2, Garou, or SS5P. Breakers Revenge and LB are far to niche and those four are some of the best titles offered on a MVS cab.


If this is really happening then 98 plz.

It’s just something I thought up, but if enough people vote and pledge support, maybe we could parlay the ST cab support into Neo Geo…

I was about to vote for 98, 2k2, Garou, and SS5S, but then I realized: what is acme?

Acmebowl is across the street (east) from south center, it has bowling and an arcade with SFIV AE and ST.


Im voting 98 but Im also interested in Garou. Is MNF still happening these days?

I don’t get it. Do you mean have a Neo Geo cabinet alongside ST? Or get rid of ST and replace it with a Neo Geo cabinet?

And why didn’t you show up last Monday?

I meant get a neo-geo in addition to ST.

I can’t remember what I was doing monday, but probably working on something. I think maybe one person if that said they were going to show up to play ST so I didn’t feel that guilty about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

please get SS 2/ 5 : my Sogetsu ownz all for free, but i think 2 its really cool. I remember this older black dude who would show up to silver coin and play SS 1/2 all the time. Memories

shout outs to Ukyo

They should get 98,LB2,Garou and Real bout 2.

the fob option made me lol.
98 & Garou.

Samurai Showdown! Any version is totally fine with me.

SamSho 5 Special UNCENSORED. This game is too good to pass up even with the other heavy hitters on the list.