Should ANY Attack Juggle?

One thing that has always sorta pissed me off in Street Fighter games is how only certain moves can juggle while an opponent is in the air. Why can Bison jMPx2 then Ex-SK, but he can’t jMPx2 then regular SK (or virtually ANYTHING for that matter). Ryu can lp shoryuken, then ex fireball, but not a regular one.

I understand this could potentially break the game a bit, but I truly feel if they fixed it properly (maybe have more knockback on air attacks, or less recovery time for your attacks), it could take the game to an extra level. Hell, look how well the MvC games did based on this principle.

Another fail thread, what’s going on here??


I think that in order to do that they would have to retool the entire game, but I kinda know what you are saying.

From a visual standpoint it can really bother me when a move looks like it goes right through a person. I know the hitboxes and what moves will hit but on Saturday nights when I’m a bit drunk I get all kinds of aggitated when a leg goes through a person and nothing happens.

i do not think sf4 should turn more into marvel

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I’m not whining about 09 users (i’m a 09 user myself) but this thread is pointless.


do explain why. I already had one person who somewhat agrees with me. I simply asked why is it that certain attacks can hit a guy out of the air, when others just go right through the guy. It’s one of the major flaws of SF in my opinion (I know several people who never got into the series because they couldn’t understand why they would attack a guy and it didn’t hit).

I also think you should be able to kick a guy while they’re down.

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Ughh, Tekken Fighter 4, do not want.

There are plenty of other fighting games that already have those built into the engine. The SF core numbered series has stayed away from that and has always been more relient on a strong footsie game as opposed to a number of juggle combos and OTG combos you may find in other games. But as you stated there is not a complete lack of juggle as many fighters have specific moves that can juggle to provide a controlled way to implement juggls into the engine.

tech escapes fix that

I do not think any attack should juggle. I like SF being the way it is. Reminds me a lot of super turbo, the way juggling works. I was not a fan of MvC2 and I would hate for any games going forward (unless MvC3) to play like that. Not gonna flame you but I say no to your question.

You complain about Bison… if you removed juggling, then Boxer players would complain. See how this works?

I’m not saying I want juggling removed. Just fixed so that ANY attack could juggle. I don’t wanna see 20 hit combos done while the guy is airborne, but I would like it if I trade hits with a guy who is airborne, I could still hit him with a punch or a kick or even a special before he hits the ground.

Case in point with bison: I can jMP when they’re in the air, then sHK when I land, but I can’t jMPx2 in the air then sHK. It just doesn’t make sense.

A lot of people just don’t bother with street fighting games because of that fact. They don’t understand why their attacks don’t hit while others do, and unless you spend a shitload of time going through forum threads and play the shit outta the game, you will never know/understand. I for one would like to see a shitload more people picking this game up and playing it.

But I think SF players like the game the way it is for a reason. I hate air juggling and I’ll never get into MvC2 or TvC because of it. I’d prefer you get your big combos by doing some tight, skillful linking and not just knowing what moves keep you in the air. They say SF is like chess, why? Because you get your hit on me clean but the next move can still go either way if both opponents are competent. But if it’s just an air juggle mess then it becomes about who can get the other in the air first and keep them there longest. Blah, that’s fine if it’s your thing but SF doesn’t need it.

Also, hitting people on the ground is a terrible idea in my opinion. It basically forces every knockdown to be teched so that you’re not being punished for it. That’s incredibly predictable match flow. I like SF the way it is because whether you tech your knockdown or not can seriously effect the flow of the match and put things back in your favor.

Damn i knew EVO was gonna bring loads of shitty threads, but I didn’t think we would go this far. First the FADC one, now this…

This is SF, if you don’t like the very basics of the game than move to another game, is that simple.

Pay attention to this following statement, for maybe you’ll understand something:


Want an example of why Street Fighter does this? The example I’m about to show you is exactly WHY Street Fighter is played in tournaments and considered a damn good game.


Street Fighter doesn’t have shit like this. You want a game more like SF that allows you to juggle anything? Hit up Marvel vs Capcom 2. The timing is quite strict, but you can keep juggling.

If you want an example of why SF doesn’t let you kick the person on the ground, go look up “Superman infinite” and you’ll get your answer.

because people can’t seem to read.

I never said I wanted huge hit combos in the air. Just the fact that only CERTAIN attacks can juggle a guy is stupid. Why can one attack juggle, but the other can’t? I don’t wanna sit there in the corner and keep punching the guy to keep him in the air. I realize that broke other games. Just one more hit before he hits the ground.

One more time, so people can get it. I DO NOT WANT TO INFINITELY JUGGLE MY OPPONENT IN THE AIR! What I would like is if I CAN juggle a character with one move, why not allow me to use any move to do so?

as I have mentioned like 3 times in this thread:
ryu can ex-hadouken a guy in the air, but not regular?
Bison can ex-scissor kick a guy after a jMPx2, but i can’t after I trade hits with him with a sHK.
Chun-Li can target combo then triple stomp a guy, but can’t target combo then jump kick a guy.

just saying it scares away a shitload of potential players because they do not understand why their attacks are whiffing when other ones easily hit (even when they shouldn’t technically).

I could honestly care less whether or not you could hit a guy on the ground. But why only specific attacks work while the opponent is in the air is retarded.