Should blocked supers be auto Crush Counter a la shoryukens?


Feels like it should to me, or at least the ones with true invincible reversal properties.

What do yall think


Wasting full bar and having really high recovery is punishment enough.


I’ve toyed around with the idea before. Makes sense in a way. Because I know some characters like gief the only good punish he gets is a H SPD.


If they added it I wouldn’t mind, but doesn’t really seem to add much to the game. Waking up with a super isn’t something overly good, something that needs a counter. You blow 3 EX bars and are open if blocked.


So if someone blocks your super you just crumple to the ground for no reason? Without them doing anything?
That would be lame.


He means a CC AFTER a move that CCs.




No, because reversal super isn’t as repeatable as reversal Shoryuken or reversal EX moves. The CC Punish system was meant to discourage doing reversals as often, but the meter requirement does a fine job of that already for Critical Arts.


I would rather see this balanced out as simple recovery time rather than crush counter, as some characters can exploit crush counter WAY more than others can…


You know. I really don’t see people throwing out supers with reckless abandon like they used to do with ultras in 4. Mostly I see them comboed into (since unlike ultras they are ridiculously easy to combo into) or used to punish unsafe moves on reaction. Sure every now and then you’ll get a scrub player YOLOing his CA, but I really don’t feel like it is much of an issue so as to give CA’s crush counter status upon block/whiff though.


Yeah it should, I want online scrubs to suffer more.


I reversal CC all the time with Zangief and it works 90% of the time, maybe more.


Opponent just wasted 3 bar and you have AGES to do your biggest non crushcounter combo.
So, no CC property on recovery.


Sure, why not.


if you could CC after blocking it, then the super should be like -16 on block or have a quicker recovery. you don’t need 36 frames to CC.