Should C.Viper and Rose be the next characters added via DLC?


The Sf side from the SFxT cast was really lacking according to many people, and apparently needs a few more fresh faces, C.Viper being really popular and new blood, could really use an appeareance in this game plus her fighting style would fit perfectly. Rose can be her partner.

What do you say?


Assuming that Capcom is stupid enough to add more DLC to the game, I wouldn’t mind seeing Viper or Rose… but together? I don’t really see how they fit as a team. I think C.Viper would fit better with Q or Alex, which are characters that are far more requested than Rose is.


What kinda lie?


No. C. Viper/Seth. “TEAM TOP TEIR 4 LYEF!”


Please no C. Viper. Give us Dee-Jay and Rose.


How are Dee Jay and Rose related at all? Dee Jay can only be on a team with T.Hawk and clearly they won’t be in because they are unpopular as hell.

C.Viper/Rose makes a LOT of sense and are popular/requested. That’s the way to go and save this game from floppin’.


I want Dan.


This thread is cancer…




rose is one of my favorites, but i’m really tired of capcom ruining the characters i like. just leave that game alone, i guess.


They did a great job with Rose is SF4 with the exception of the hair, she was highly superior to the other females with the exception of Viper. I mean who even uses Cammy or Sakura anymore? Chun-Li i can see but she wasn’t great either. Rose looked really good in her alternate costume and her Ultra 2 was pretty useful. Let’s hope for them to do a better job next time though.


besides her 3rd alternate ballroom gown costume having some problems, SFIV rose looked really cool and had nice alternate costumes and all that, but you know they nerfed her hard in AE, right? to the point where it makes you go “wut?? -_-”


C. Viper should be partnered with El Fuerte for a straight-man/stooge combo.


Yes but i’d rather play characters that are challenging to play as than the typical, cheap ass Ryu/Chun-Li combo. Those are some terrible characters, storywise haven’t evolved at all in years and are pretty boring to play as.

Rose on the other hand looked really cool + had an interesting gameplay + better storyline than the SSF4AE cast with the exception of C.Viper. I would be proud to be a Rose fan and needs to be in more games.


Capcom ain’t stupid enough to create more DLC for this game. A) There was a huge fiasco over their current DLC and B) game didn’t sale to expectations. I don’t expect any company to create more content for a game that underperformed.


I would very much appreciate this.


It flopped because they had the same washed out characters they always use. C.Viper and Rose are popular enough to save the game, along with more DLC characters.


LOL if this is what you actually believe.


Oh, nvm you like playing as Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Cammy, Balrog, etc. So i have nothing to discuss with you. Go back playing/using the boring, lame, washed out crappy overrated characters you like. Goodbye.


Surely adding two characters will magically fix all the issues the game currently has. :coffee: