Should Capcom do a stress tests before the Beta phase 2?

I think we all remember what happened last time when Beta 1 started. Now I know for a fact that many people or casual didn’t even know that Beta 1 took place about a month after it was supposed to be. I know many friends who just tried the first one, it failed and that is all they know. Perhaps Capcom could have done a better job making the information clear but you can’t change the past.

Now Phase 2 is approaching and there are some genuine concerns surrounding it this time. I am fairly confident that the PS4 exclusive days would go fine for the most part but i am really worried about the influx of PC players on day 3. I know this is still fairly early but another news worthy Beta fail would do great harm to the image of this game. I mean sure it is a Beta, it is supposed to test things. This is all fine but Capcom already had a huge chance of doing that the first time. You seriously can’t ask the common people to be this understanding.

I think that Capcom cannot afford another mess like what happened last time. So the question is, should they have done some tests to make sure that history won’t repeat itself ?

If it means I get to play more… Yes

I think they already are.

I think the stress tests they had already served their purpose. New problems that come up will likely not be solved with stress tests.

I think its possible that they might.
The update for the 2nd beta got pushed out 2 weeks in advance and it’s randomly opened up twice now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a small stress test this weekend.

A stress test for a beta sounds redundant to me.