Should CE.Bison be banned in an upcoming SF2:AE Tournament?

I’ve got this situation coming up, and I’m not sure how to approach it. The director is seriously considering this.

He has big dizzy potential, long pokes, and easy chains.

Crazy Move #1
Ok, first of all, he’s got the toally safe scissor kick that sets up a throw guessing game afterwards if blocked. It’s really fast, and hits a lot of stuff, and you’re at a disadvantage if you block it. Oh yeah, if it HITS, you forfeit the round because he can combo after it and dizzy you, and then do his easy redizzy combo and kill you.

Crazy Move#2
Psycho crusher was weakened in that it doesn’t do much as block hits… but it’s still crazy. It still does nice block damage, and now it can cross up randomly even when you’re blocking it. When it knocks down, you can time it again so that you fly over the opponent as they get up and it’s really hard for them to know if it is going to be a crossup or not, rinse, repeat.

Granted, I don’t play against CE Bison much, so I’m kinda in the dark here, which is why I’m asking for all your opinions on the matter.

Personally, I don’t want him banned. He does have weaknesses like no solid reversal, he’s weak to ticks, you can stuff these crazy moves with moves of your own, and I like doing anti-crossup DPs :D. But I when I look at how much of a monster he is, I don’t know what to do. I’m honestly really tempted to take the easy road and pick him myself, I know that I would probably do 10 times better.

So… what’s the verdict? Is he too strong?

Super Turbo only. End discussion.

If you ban him, then ban all characters except for Super Street Fighter T.Hawk. Enjoy that tournament.

Jive Out!

Are you suggesting that there be a limit on the characters and only their ST versions can be selected?? If we wanted that, there would be a console version of ST instead. It’s an AE tourney. Not a Super Turbo tourney.

Yes, ban him.

Also, don’t confuse AE to be a worse version of ST that can be substituted into tournaments. Fuck that “Super Turbo” only shit. They’re two different games that are totally different to play. But yes, CE Bison is too ridiculously powerful, he needs to be banned.

If someone else pops up after him that is just as bad, ban that person too, and again and again till the game is halfway balanced.

Don’t ban him. I could be missing something but just zone CE:Bison.

Zone CE bison? Lmao
It doesn’t matter how well you zone him, even if you block his psycho crusher it does an insane amount of block damage.

That’s if it doesn’t cross you up half way and knock you down, allowing ambiguous crusher again.

run a tournament, if he dominates and it’s retarded ban him, else if it’s all semi-casual people like myself keep him in. I don’t mind dumb overpowering characters, as long as it’s not match after match after match after match etc.

I’ve won so many matches against players much better than me in CE, just by using Bison.
Chip psycho crusher and knee press pressure is godly. If I get cornered, just stomp out.
Fireball zoning? Properly timed stomps will do the trick.

The only reason I vote for “no ban” is because he has no good reversal. Don’t get me wrong…he’s the best character in the game (or most broken character in the game…however you look at it), but he is still beatable…kinda.


And how would sticking out projectiles not be a good idea against CE:Bison? If you are zoning him with projectiles then there should be no worry about blocking his Psycho Crusher because it shouldn’t be reaching you. Once that’s settled(Psycho Crusher and Knee Press), find an AA that is advantageous against the head stomp(or just block and then reset). His jump is too slow and floaty to not get AA’ed. What’s the problem? Could I be forgetting something here?

What do you combo to dizzy them after the scissor kicks? I’m just curious, I never play SF2 with other people.

I despise, despise, despiiisseee CE Bison, so I vote ban. >__>

God, every time I got zoned with fireballs in CE, I tried to stomp, and Bison went flying QUICK-as-hell WAAAY over the opponent to the opposite side of the screen, and just floated down slowly, having me land just in time to eat a sweep. Wtf? It’s like the very presence of a fireball onscreen fucks that move up.

Rhio2K: I know what you mean… I’m a ST Bison player and that fucking drives me up the wall. I guess the FB, then end up flying somewhere else… I honestly think that move is busted or something. It never works the way I want it to.

As for the zoning, yeah, I can see that… But it’s the whole deal. You can spend all day pecking away with FBs, but if he gets a scisoors just ONCE or a crossup or even 2-3 quick pokes in a row (trying to trade with FBs) you die. I think it’s funny how he’s got a always-out j.LK that allows him to combo (and dizzy) after it.

Machanica After scissors do d.MP, then s.MK/RH. Then the old whiff slide, d.LPx2, s.LP, MK-scissors, d.MP, s.MK/RH for redizzy.

after scissor kick do,, if he dizzies which most likly he will, then do his redizzy.
c.lp, c.lp, s.lp, scissor kick,,

btw i vote no ban… he wasnt banned back in the CE days so it seems strange to me that he should be banned now.

CE Bison killed my father and raped my mother :sad:

… No, he didn’t, I lied. Carry on.

Rhio, use the LK version, and space yourself out a bit.

And Riot Soul, yes, they can own you with AA if you’re not careful, but if you time the stomp just as they’re throwing the fireball, there’s nothing they can do about it. The rest, you can just jump or block, while you wait for the right moment to go up.

If playing anniversary edition, only allow ST characters

read the whole damn thread.