Should Chibi be the only Judge for ABC #9?

Yes or no?


Honestly…I think that Chibi is not a good judge (or maybe that he judges by different criteria than anyone else) and only one judge is a horrible idea; but the less judges there are…the more people that can enter. So…I guess we could try it with one judge for one time only.

Lock Chibi in a box and release him after all the submissions are in!

why not… let him do his thang… a tough critique can stand alone…

Who Voted No!!!

me, and…me, sorta.

click on the # of votes to see the screen names…

You’re fired.

brushes sholder

it’s not personal, it’s just i prefer multi judging over single judging…

50% of av rating is based on opinion… need i say more?

Yes…the other 50%


have at least 3 judges, chibi alone no way

Give Master Chibi a chance.


by looking on the voters, this is exactly why polls dont work people get friends to vote for their favored outcome
I like chibis critisicm, dont get me wrong. But one judge is to little have at least 2-3 so there can be different oppinions.

Click on the votes, this poll has been pretty legit. Do you want me to edit the poll to make it fair? What in your mind is fair based on who voted what?

relativity to the theme

…just to name a few (its more like 30% though)

If you’re accusing me of pulling a Psychoclown then to hell with you buddy. I haven’t told a soul about this poll.

And the reason I want to try this out on my own is just to test the waters, see how it goes; an experiment if you will. I don’t see much wrong with that.

To tell u the truth, I really dont care lol. Best part of the av contest is seeing what people came up with and discussing it at the end.

how many competitions actually have one judge? Really?

Jesus people. It’s ONE competition. Just one. Chibi’s a good judge because he’s probably the hardest guy to impress, and he’s pretty vocal about it too.

Of course, I don’t have any stake in this either way since I never enter, but…