Should Coaching Be Allowed In Tournaments?


I recently ran into a problem that I had for the first time: Is coaching fair or not?

I don’t want to, nor do I feel the need to discuss the specific details of why I brought this up. I just want to hear from the rest of the community in NorCal because if a majority of you guys feel that it’s fair or not fair, we can set that as a ground rule at the Fuddruckers tournament. Please participate in this poll, I really need to hear specifically from you guys. Thanks!


Edit: Sorry, I didn’t talk about coaching in specifics, but what I meant to say is… are you allowed to coach your friend during a match? Like telling them “Be patient” or “Keep your ground” or anything in context to that.

My problem with not allowing coaching is there’s different degrees of it, you have vague coaching like “don’t forget about _____”. This will vary to “don’t forget that Fuerte get’s two absorbs on his EX run” or “hey man remember Boxer’s jabs to headbutts don’t work on that Blanka you’re playing”, but then you have like a friend explaining the dude’s habits to you mid match which I think we’d all agree is work you’d need to be doing on your own.

There just needs to be a clear line of what’s acceptable and what isn’t. I personally believe that there are forms of coaching that are completely acceptable but there are things that completely aren’t.

I don’t personally mind it, as long as you’re not being a dick or overly distracting about it.

I think that people should face their opponent on their own because even though there are different degrees of coaching, a match should only be between the two players because they are the ones participating. I don’t mind when people get coached but its still unfair. Things such as gaps in knowledge or having to be reminded of specifics in a matchup should be on the player. If a player doesn’t know

then he should have the disadvantage vs some who does know that. Imo the only time that its ok is during a team match.

I don’t mind. I don’t really have any homies to coach me, so I play solo, but if anyone else can get tips, good on 'em.

Evo allow one coach…/thread


I didn’t know you couldn’t coach.
Shit, I’m always shouting helpful little tidbits~

I don’t think its fair to coach during a match. Its like giving a knife to one player to stab another player in a ring fight.

or its like coaching a fighter in a ring fight…lol

I have dibs on Magus as my coach.

coaching is fair

I think coaching is fine. Pretty much most forms of live, real-time competition/sports allow coaching in some way, why shouldn’t we? Nothing wrong with a friend telling you to stick to your gameplan, or to calm down if you start getting restless/reckless. Even if the coach tells you what to do or what not to do, it’s still up to the player to use the knowledge. The player still has to actually win the game on his own.

That said, most of the coaching happens sort of indirectly as shouts from the spectators. I’d actually like to see an example of coaching like, cornerman style, and see how that affects matches…

Are you kidding me?! This is Street Fighter. You can coach all you want. Just know where to draw the line… I have been on both sides of this problem.

Sometimes someone says something and I’ll get distracted, lose the match over indecision.

At other times I’ve pissed people off by yelling shit that they were not even trying to do.

So basically, just try not to fight Crackfiend first round and you’ll be alright…

LOL. This has nothing to do with me fool!

LIES. Adrian told me he approves of coaching and so do I! :nunchuck::china:

Edit: Honestly coaching is what you need especially if that crowd is againist you or yelling in your ear ya? I mean it’s no harm and the player doesn’t have to listen to your advise regardless.

F*ck the police
YES on coaching!

On the real though how would you catch coaching? and if you did who would get the punishment the coach or the player?








street fight foh get:yawn::yawn::yawn::yawn::yawn::yawn:

SHUT UR EARS AND U WONT BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO OTHER PPL’s “coaching”. therefore, u wont get ‘distracted’ and complain and blame that u lost cuz of dat :wow:


Korea tells me coaching is a soft banned in the tekken community. But this is another game soooo who knows.