Should Combo Videos Be More Situational?

This came to mind after reading this on the front page.

*"*You won’t find any 100% five meter hyperdrive combos in this new KOF XIII combo video by OutPhase1984[FONT=Helvetica]. What you will find is low meter, simple to execute Kula BnBs that can be transitioned into using easy hit-confirms."[/FONT]
Who else thinks combo videos should be more about methods and practical situations rather than getting the most hits or damage possible? I mean, how often do you see those types of combos used in actual matches? If anything combos should be showcased in action in varying circumstances with different characters in order for the videos to be more informational than flashy. And yes, I know it’s impossible to totally change the format of the combo video from the bottom up with every video uploader. I’m just throwing this out there. Most importantly, does anyone think this could help make the community better?

This could be used in a general fighting game discussion forum, but the video is from KOF XIII so I put it here. If a mod wants to move it, then be my guest.


People who make combo videos should just be openly objective about their video. Just say if it’s a style video or a practical video. It’s like baking pizza, a person could make a thin crust or a deep dish. If more people want to eat a type more than the other, then so be it. But the worst thing that could happen is a person receiving a thin crust when it’s actually a deep dish. I.E. People taking a flashy, stylistic combo video and interpreting the combos as standard bnbs to use for real matches. Or a person wanting to see cool combos and only get a standard, basic combo tutorial and then get bored or something. The community shouldn’t be coerced into keeping a ratio of what kind of videos are produced.

Personally I’d want to do a basic BnB video soon since most other KOF combo videos and “tutorial” videos that are put on the front page aren’t optimal. DDTC for example is pretty infamous for either impractical or unoptimized combos yet it’s advertised as “Tutorial” Video, implying its content should be interpreted under an educational mindset. It’s this sort of “mislabeling” that fudges things around.

That sounds fair enough.

The whole ratio thing was just sort of a measure of what people would think would be optimal. I wouldn’t actually try to coerce people into doing that.

Some time after SF4, many people forgot (or rather, never learned) combo videos have always been stylish, over the top nonsense. This was the one time you would see things you would not see performed in a real match because you have unlimited tries and control over your resources so you just made them flashy. Real matches and match vids are where you were learn what the practical combos were.

The practical combos videos with things you can use or should use in a real match are more or less tutorials and should be labeled appropriately.

The problem here is misused or lack of labels. When you see “combo video”, you should be thinking Maj/Desk/Mike Z type of videos and know that it’s going to flashy and stylish. Tutorial or Practical Combos should make you realize the vids are learning tools.

Youtube comments on combo videos bitching about how they are not practical combos make me crotchety.

I guess it’s just a matter of using the right labels. I always thought “Combo Music Video” (CMV) was for stylish stuff, showing off, etc, “Combo Video” was for doing complicated and impractical things, and “BnB Video”, “Combo Tutorial”, “Basic/Intermediate Combos” etc etc was for practical combos for teaching purposes.

I wouldn’t mind a combo video that showed PUNISH combos only, though I’m guessing mostly they’re just normal combo without the jump-in.

Can somebody close the thread now, please? this whole post.

Remember kids: Combo videos are not there to teach you anything. They are there to entertain you.

The must funny thing is the people who are scared of these games because “Oh Man i want to land those awesome combos!!! but the trials are sooooo hard and are really difficult this game is only for combofreaks!!” people must work on the basic stuff, people focus too much on this things and forget that it means nothing if you can’t put the other guy in a bad position in order to make some mistakes and punish him.

Personally I find the format of the “Iori doesn’t need flames,” video to be particularly pleasing. All the combos are clearly split up by their cost, progressing from the cheapest, meterless combos to the most expensive ones, first without HD, then with half HD bar, full HD bar (doing drive cancels still,) and finally HD mode. Since I don’t play Iori (and don’t really intend to) I’ve no idea if these are good or not as far as ease of both getting in to start one, as well as executing the entire thing. Regardless, it’s more the clear cut, actual sorting of combos I’m pointing out here.