Should Competitive Gaming be a Sport?

High Level gaming has to have a stable mind, hand coordination, some nerves when under pressure, timing, among other things. All I have to say is if bowling and/or competitive eating is a sport then gaming should be one too. What do you all think?

Yes. If you consider chess a sport, competitive gaming is a sport. It’s all mental, yes, but it’s ridiculously hard. Move, countermove, and in the case of most 2D fighters, you’ve got to have rhythm and timing too.

I guess but i have this issue where i need to feel more physical wear to feel like it’s a sport…but on another note what the fucl is up with curling, what’s going on there anyone know…if so please tell me…

Shit, you dont be feelin’ it in ya hands??? I know I do… :sad:

it should be one, but not gonna happen :frowning:

So basically Golf, bowling, pool are considered sports and can be continued even after you too old to be competitive in more strenous activity. I guess all games might not meet that standard but DDR should. I have tried it twice but it is my favorite. Big tittied chicks jumping around is ownage. Like the Manshows juggies without the sportsbras. :clap:

sport(sprt, sprt)

  1. a.Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.

Eh, whatever.



Ummmmmm, it already is, what are you talking about? Just not recognized by a lot of people as far as the competitive scene goes.

Poker, darts, pool, these are all just games that people started playing competitively. The word “sport” itself has always been pretty vague.

“You kill things just for sport?”

“Hey, you’re a good sport.”

“Very sporting to give someone a headstart.”

Of course, the standards for modern sports are dictated by the “holy trinity”: baseball, football, and basketball.

true i do feel that and sometimes my nerves get up, not like it has in actual sports, but they do…damn darts is a sport…but seriously will someone explain what the fuck is up with curling

I think all those are games, not sports.

As opposed to being a sport, I think games should become professional.

It’d be nice to see competitive gaming get more coverage just because it would probably stop at least some of the scrubs who think they’re god’s gift to SF, having never seen high level play.

No, it is not a sport.

Nether is bowling, pool, poker, darts, scrabble, chess, NASCAR or any other bullshit I personally deem to be “not sports”.

Ask a stupid question

It’s just gaming held on a competitive level. It is no more a sport than poker. By the definition listed above, you’d see competitive DDR considered a sport before you ever saw fighting games.


no, I don’t think it should. I find nothing athletic about videogaming.

Most serious chess players wouldn’t call it a sport. They’d call it an art form. To me, SF is in the same class (especially if you prefer to play ST or HF).

There are already tournaments taking place for Competitive Gaming, just take a look at the top of this webpage… If that doesn’t make it a sport, what else are you looking for? Commericial sponsors, more rules and regulations, more assholes, more respect? In my humble opinion, we’ve already come a LONG way in the past 10 years, and things really couldn’t be a whole lot better.

we should encoruage kids to study, not spend all day playing videogames in some vain attempt to make a living out of it

^Is that some kind of thinly-veiled social commentary?