Should every character have a level 3?

So with ultimate coming out, it seems all of the new characters have level 3’s. Could this possibly be a hint to all characters getting level 3’s? It’s somewhat interesting how all of the top tier characters, excluding phoenix, have a level 3 hyper. I’m not trying to come up with a conspiracy theory, but it is not arguable that level 3’s help a character a lot.

Just interesting that all of the top tier characters have level 3’s:
Dante-Devil Must die?
Magneto- Gravity squeeze
Wesker- Rocket Chuck
Ammy- Element thingy
Zero- Gammu Zero
Wolverine- Weapon X

I’m not saying level 3’s define whether or not a character is good or not as shuma gorath has a level 3, and he’s pretty ass, but I think that giving everyone a level 3 is a good start to balance the characters, even though it comes at the cost of homogenization aka repetition.

So the question… should every character have a level 3?

I don’t think all characters should have level 3s on principle alone. As long as Level 3s do unscaled damage, they might be unecessary firepower. Hell, does Mags even need a fullscreen, unscaled OTG?

Isn’t Spencer the only character without a level 3…

Level 3s are funny because they’re unscaled, high damage dealing combo enders that take three bars in a game where depending on the match-up people already die in a basic bread and butter into a single bar hyper combo.

They don’t die in one combo? No problem! DHC glitch. Two bars. They’re dead.

No one remembers Viewtiful Joe.

There are plenty more actually.
I can name 5+ off of the top of my head. Sentinel Hulk Taskmaster Viewtiful Joe Hsien Ko Thor Modok Storm

I know storm’s winds of gaia or whatever the hell its called should have been a lvl.3 easily…it goes into lvl.3 full animation to…hopefully this is fixed in UMVC3 Turbo…

I think it’s better to look at who doesn’t have a level 3 than who does and what they are capable of without the level 3 to make a better assessment.

Like with Dante I rarely ever use his level 3 because my DHC combination does more damage than the level 3. Against bigger health characters like Captain America and Wesker I’m better off going for the 3 character DHC. Level 3’s are nice if you don’t already have a strong DHC setup with your team but if you do you usually get more damage through the DHC any way. Level 3’s are just nice to have more so if you lose a character but still need big damage.

Well…looking at it…Modok, Taskmaster, Thor, Spider Man, Storm, Spencer, Joe, Hsien Ko, Phoenix (technically she has a level 5 but yeah), Sentinel and Hulk don’t have level 3’s. Let’s go over and see which of these characters are actually affected by not having a level 3 and which ones are not.

Modok…has 3 level 1’s. His Hyper Psionic Blaster level 1 gets powered up by analyze cubes. If you gather 7 analyze cubes and then do a combo into his HPB the HPB does 345,000 damage. This is scaled a bit due to HPB not being a level 3 but 345k slightly scaled at the end of a combo is nothing to sneeze at considering I’ve heard it allows him to get up to 1 million damage I believe by himself. If you get all 9 cubes his level 3 raw damage will do 440k. The same as a level 3. He also has 2 other level 1’s. Both of them doing only 50k less damage than Zero’s level 3. Verdict: Doesn’t need a level 3.

Taskmaster…I’m not even going to explain why this guy doesn’t need a level 3. **Verdict: Doesn’t need a level 3. **

Thor…another 3 level 1 character. Has a level one which does 320k that he can easily combo during basic air combos. With the scaling he can usually get 600+k off a standard bnb with the super at the end. Gets an OTG super that does 380 damage unscaled and another grab super that’s a level one and does the same damage as Zero’s level 3.** Verdict: Wouldn’t hurt if he had a level 3 but he hits like a truck so not necessary.**

Spider Man…already does gobbles of damage without a level 3. Has a level 1 reset based super after he finishes combos that does 300k raw damage. **Verdict: Doesn’t need a level 3. **

Storm…has 3 very useful level ones but her low damage output makes it hard to scare people with her damage wise unless she’s loaded with assists. Elemental rage level 1 basically gives her a level 1 that can hit anywhere on the floor with the correct button press and activates at the same speed as Dorm’s Chaotic Flame level 1. **Verdict: Could use a level 3 but she’s getting damage buffs supposedly in Ultimate. **

Spencer…has one of the best level 1’s in the game with bionic arm. Starts up at the same speed as most character’s c.M’s. Does 300k raw damage. Has a second super that does about 250k damage but can follow up into more damage with a bionic arm at the end. Does big damage especially with assists any way. ** Verdict: Doesn’t need a level 3**

Joe…hasn’t really proven to be able to do a ton of damage but I think that’s because his play style isn’t necessarily revolved around that. Has a level 1 super that’s supposedly pretty game changing by slowing the character down and slowing down their assist abilities even if they are raw tagged in. Verdict: Overall he seems so middle of the road as a character that he could use a level 3.

Hsien Ko…I would say yes but she’s so reliant on spending meter any ways and is so terrible on point that it doesn’t even matter. **Verdict: She could use a level 3 but she’s so meter dependent…who really cares? **

Phoenix…No. Verdict: Doesn’t need a level 3.

Sentinel…No. **Verdict: Doesn’t need a level 3. **

Hulk…has a 400k damage level 1 and hella damage with assist based combos. **Verdict: Doesn’t need a level 3. **

Which means IMO only Thor, Storm, Joe and Hsien Ko could use level 3’s. Joe is the only one I would say that NEEDS a level 3. Storm’s level 1’s have so many nasty uses that although she could use a level 3 I don’t think she NEEDS one. Hsien Ko spending so much meter making sure she’s a good assist what’s the point. Thor does enough damage without level 3.

Taskmaster, Sentinel, and Spencer all do pretty well without a level 3, and Amaterasu pretty much never uses hers.

Sure, Hsien-Ko is one of the worst characters, but Arthur, who has a BEASTLY level 3, is also one of the worst.

This is all true. But level 3’s still help when the time presents itself like if your character is by him or herself and has no xfactor… the unscaled damage really comes in handy. Not to mention, all level 3’s do not have to be just pure damage hypers. IE shuma gorath, x23, Strider.

I think it would be better if it didn’t OTG personally. Hell even if you remove the OTG quality of it, Magneto still has tons of ways to land it. Take away the OTG though and now Mags can’t just extend his normal combo with his level 3 and has to end it early before using it.

I voted no. I like the fact that only certain characters have level 3s. But at the same time, I use a level 3 whenever possible because 1) It’s good and semi-easy dmg with Tron and 2) Dante, Dorm, and X-23 can get a few more hits afterwards. So I guess I’m kinda biased since all my main people have lvl3s already.

As for Magneto: I REALLY dislike the fact that he can so easily combo/punish with his lvl3. It’s like he was made to be the ultimate zoning and rushdown character.

Of those characters that don’t have level 3’s only Taskmaster, Spencer, Storm, Phoenix and Sentinel have any business being in the anchor spot. Which means only those characters should ever be by themselves in a fight. The others should never be alone when fighting. Of those characters only Storm would benefit from having a level 3 but as an anchor if you still have XF…level 3’s just burn out your time in XF since they’re long cinematic animations any ways.

Plus there’s level 3’s that are garbage also. Deadpool might as well not have a level 3.

It wouldn’t hurt, but you don’t need it for damage. Taskmaster, Hulk, Sentinel, Spider-man, etc have some of the most damaging combos in the game without a need of a level 3/DHC glitch/X-Factor. It’s just make their overall damage go even higher than normal. Really people should focus on how level 3s could be ACTUALLY useful. We need more Dirt Nap,Chaos Dimension, Satellite Laser, For the Princess,etc. Stuff that could give people a option for their character.

arthur should get eight lv3s

Fuck. Arthur. /salt

Just because a character can do a lot without a level 3 doesn’t correlate to them not needing one. why exactly would more combo options EVER be an issue?

maybe if phoenix had a worthwhile level 3 every phoenix would have more reason to burn those bars especially if it gave her more of a fighting chance as her non dark form. And don’t bring up “healing, lol i mean make your combo longer field” I haven’t seen anyone attempt it mid combo however and I know it can be done. too bad by the time she needs it shes dead.

Maybe if spider-man had a level 3 he’d have few non reset centric combos

x-23 didn’t NEED a level 3 but it certainly gives her interesting setups and options.

Just because top level players would avoid them (as they already do a majority) more options never hurt the game. More options means more interesting fights.

level threes don’t mean lol too much damage, they mean, oh shit instead of these level threes maybe my characters level 3 give me an amazing opportunity. As it is most level 3’s are out-damaged by multiple level 1’s.

Doing well without one doesn’t mean they couldn’t just have one. Arthurs has one and i’ve never seen it used in an actual fight besides the one time I used him online, so it’s not like any level 3’s in particular are making the game ridiculously more challenging.

Every character should have a “high risk” option.
I voted yes not because "its more fair’ but because it gives more variety.

I almost never see a Lv3 in practice.

Except for Gravity Squeeze.

Good lord, do I see Gravity Squeeze all the damn time. If I didn’t know better (and I likely don’t), I’d say Gravity Squeeze makes up at least a third of Magneto’s game plan. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I believe an attack that can hit everywhere on the screen, has incredible start-up, has a very quick cinematic animation (such that it would not drain X-Factor time to anywhere near the extent of most Lv3 Hypers) and OTGs should do considerably less damage than highly situational Lv3 Hypers like, say, She-Hulk’s Road Rage, Felicia’s Please Help Me, or (heaven forbid) Deadpool’s Fourth-Wall Crisis.

Seriously, the fact that Deadpool’s Fourth-Wall Crisis does less damage than Dante’s Devil Must Die is moronic.

ANYWAY, Level 3’s should only be added to characters that need them - and they should be Hyper combos that are actually worth using. If any character needed an Ouroboros Lv3, it was Hsien-Ko.

Besides we’ve only seen 6 of the 12 new characters live so there’s nothing specific yet showing that they will ALL have level 3’s.

I’ll agree with this at least. Even if I still standby the sentiment of most of the characters that don’t have level 3’s not needing them. ** Plenty of characters in this game that are mid/low tierish have level 3’s. **

Just played a few matches and thought about it. I still feel as though lvl3s should be only for certain characters. It sucks but I feel as though it adds more variety than giving everyone a lvl3. IMO, MvC3 Phoenix definitely didn’t need a lvl3. Imagine at the end of the round, it’s character X vs Phoenix. In MvC3, noooo smart Phoenix player is gonna use any meter unless that lvl1 kills them. Give her a lvl3 and she’ll most like be able to kill any character at 70% health or so, not to mention being able to do ToD combos on Akuma, Ammy, Zero and any other low health characters. Basically, once it gets to the last person, Phoenix automatically gets the upper hand if she has 5 bars. A combo will kill you, she has a healing field plus teleport for last minute health gains (not sure if she can combo into it and off of it but if she can:eek:) if she wants, kill her and she becomes the most powerful character in the game, run and she’ll chase you down with orbs and teleports.

sounds like she needs about 10 bars to do a level 3, healing field and have some left over for dark phoenix.
If she had the options, not everyone would play her the same way I guarentee you that much. Right now it’s retarded to do anything with phoenix besides dark phoenix because one hit and youre dead, everything she does can be beat in some way.

You say give her a level 3 and she can kill any character at 70% health or so. Can’t everyone do that theoretically?

healing field and teleport do not work together. once healing field becomes active outside a combo it’s pretty obvious where phoenix is headed next. and you can’t use healing field and still have 5 bars.

and who says the level 3 has to be offensive? traps, power ups, movement changing, gravity shifting, poison, speed ups, are all options.

Her level 3 could just be less powerful feathers for combo extensions, it could only be available in dark form making it even more challenging to accomplish. There are a myriad of options.

And why do all of you assume that more options means moving up in tiers. Im speaking purely on a level of having different thing to do.