Should evo2k13 players sit face to face or side to side?

Every damn year, there are always players or someone who is not even in the tournament complain about this. First of, it doesn’t look professional at all, and there’s always a chance someone could be listening. It’s gotten so bad that during the KOFXIII top8 bracket that madKOF had to use a damn freaking shirt to separate himself n his opponent. That looked like some basement tournament. This is the year of 2013… Every year, there’s always people talking about this but EVO staff has done nothing about it.

Sure the people that don’t care will come up excuses like players can always map their buttons to trick their opponent, or it’s tradition to keep this… if you think it’s tradition then have fun making evo stage look like a 10 yr old tournament in the basement. I just want to make this year as LEGIT as possible and professional for all players and viewers at home. Not to mention other sponsors will look at this as some PROFESSIONAL event. No excuses!!! That’s all.

So instead of 80 EVO monitors they would have to use 160 monitors…
Kinda impossible, with 9 games this year, worse :open_mouth:

The staff should at least get something to put BETWEEN the players. It doesn’t have to be at the height of the players heads, but a little bit over the arcade stick height would be fine. That way EVO staff who are responsible for taking pics or recording can continue on with their work.

When I watch some of the videos from evo2k12… A lot of players I saw had to move behind their opponent or in front to cover their hands/stick. Really? is that shit necessary when all the evo staff had to do was make something to put between the players.

In the end it’s up to the evo staff on how they want to do it. I don’t like seeing any foreigners coming here to compete then when they lose they say it’s because their opponents was listening to them or saw them or w/e. The more I think about this stuff the more I think Infiltration and some others had this kind of stuff in their arsenal. Considering the dude went to the extreme and took notes of the players/characs. Just saying.

We’ll see how the seating will be arrange this year.

I’d like to see this, but unless they factored it in and decided to do it this year, there’s no feasiblity that it will happen this year.

Easier said then done. You’d have to factor in manufacturing costs, design solutions, storage and logistics problems just to name a few on top of all the other things that the organisers have to worry about.

I see where you’re coming from, and if it becomes a big enough issue I’m sure they’ll look into it. But as of now, they probably have bigger fish to fry. This years line up at Evo is just one shy short of 10. Scheduling, streaming, co-ordinating and officiating nine different games over the course of a weekend is no easy task.

Really? I’m not asking them to make a shuttle for Uranus.

Have** 2 evo staff sit next to each other and measure the approximate height of their sticks**.

Find something to put between that **won’t cover their whole body **so the evo media can still take pics and record during matches

Paint the board or w/e up that says EVO2K13 to make it look professional. Don’t go out and find a white board and throw it in.

Make sure there’s a way to make the board adjustable. All players have different height/length

As long as there’s something to put between the players, it’s fine, but make it look professional.** It doesn’t even have to be a board**. I was brainstorming. that’s it.


This was done in 10 minutes of brainstorming for me. If I was going to Evo this year(was supposed to go to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago with my bro but shit came up) I woulda try and come up with something better

This will give everyone kind of an idea. I’m sure there’s a better way. I understand it’d be a pain to make 50+ of this boards and place each at all the stations during pools. Which is why I think there should be enough to use for TOP 32 or 8 only. Which should be 10ish or less. I figure why bother using this stuff on the first day of pools. All the training dummies will be eliminated quickly anyway, so why bother.

It’s a shame we can’t have head-to-head cabs here. I guess the solution is designing something similar to what Mad_KoF had to use to stop Bala from listening/watching his button presses.

head-to-head is not doable. The cost and the man power needed take too much time. Not to mention if the cabs act up, there goes all the time evo staff put in to make EVO. so no HEAD-TO-HEAD is fine.

There are other things I want to bring up but it’s not a big deal as what I’m talking about now. At least to me, it’s a big deal. Not just me and other as viewers, but most importantly the players. I don’t want to see anyone get cheated/make excuses. I am positive if evo staff go interview all the players, majority of them will agree something needs to be put between the players. Funny thing is, most of the players don’t speak up. Maybe because they don’t care/too lazy because they think they’re either good enough to outplay their opponent even if that happens or lazy to do so. Like the old Mike Tyson quote that says something… “Everyone got a game plan until they get punch in the face”. Wait until your opponent exploits you like he’s the peeping tom that he is, then you’ll realize you will need protection(you get the idea lol). By then, you’re out of the tournament see you next year buddy.

While we’re at it. Daigo said he’s been learning a hadouken technique which means it’ll be hard for his opponent to hear him press any button since most of Ryu success come from spacing with cr.MK and fireball. Would you like another example EVO staff? EVO 2k10 Gamerbee vs Jwong. Did Jwong’s stick malfunction or did he try to ultra gamerbee’s jaguar kick or was jwong being a peeping tom? Daigo is already on this shit after he lost to Infiltration, I know what he’s trying to imply in his interview. Sometimes you got to read between the line.

If EVO staff don’t see that as a warning sign, then good luck

People will always find reasons to complain about an event. This goes from everyone from players, organizers, volunteers, streamers, stream monsters, spectators, etc etc. You do the best with what you’ve got that’s reasonable to do within the logistics of running a widescale event such as this, and you run with it. TOs and volunteers are busy enough running stations and chasing down players, not to mention refereeing the match, and I’m sure most of them wouldn’t want to do extra work that the vast majority of players don’t give a damn about.

If you or anyone else would like to go around bringing constructs to place between players without taking up Evo resources, I’m sure Wizard wouldn’t mind that at all. Until then, this is a pretty minor issue to deal with in comparison to the larger picture.

Surely it’d be a compromise to have head to head on the main stage and side to side for the rest, then all the finals would naturally be h2h. That’s only one new screen to buy right?

Like I said, easier said than done. Talk is cheap. You said it took you 10 minutes to come up with an idea. How much more for a finished product?

You want it, bring one in and use it. Show case it and make fools outta the organizers. If it’s good, people will jump on board and support it. Start it up yourself, there’s nothing stopping you.
Whining to Evo staff about it ain’t going to do anything. They ain’t here to baby you, solve your own problems, look at the cafeID guys. They took matters into your own hands and solved their own issues.

Why do you think, they provide headphones now? Cause Daigo for one started bringing in his own to block out the noise and people followed suit. Not because Daigo bitched at them for not having headphones.


I don’t think any players will run around and get DQ cuz they were being idiots. It’s your job as players to stay around the scene to know when/who u’re going up against. If you/anyone roam around when you know you’re up next soon then that’s your fault. I used to go to a local tournament where the host let the players be late cuz they know each other so they get special treatment. I decided after that I stopped going.

But since it’s Evo we’re talking about. If players are late, DQ them. No one’s fault but theirs. All the volunteers have to do is stay at their station n shout out the players names. If no show DQ.

There’s a month left. I’m sure Evo can come up with a board or something and use it during finals.

Sure they’re busy running stations. On 1st&2nd day of pools, have the players sit next to each other.

Once finals start, have it H2H or SIDE2SIDE(something in between). Only one board is needed for the finals actually, mostly for ssf4. Other games like umvc3 or KOFXiii… you can peep n shit all you want, that won’t matter. Unlike ssf4 where players can hear/peep when a fireball is coming n such. ssf4 is not as fast pace as the other games, which is why it’s so easy to peep/listen and predict what will come.

I doubt it takes any work. Have someone find a thin board and measure the height and put it between the players. DONE! that is if you want it quickly. If you want to be creative then paint it with EVO logo on it. DONE!

Is peeping really frowned upon that much in the fgc?
In marvel (what I play primarily) I’ll look at my opponents stick if I’m going for a TAC to make sure I won’t get broken.
If they notice I’m peeping I’ll just go for air reset instead of TAC.
That’s a little piece of gamesmanship that i enjoy. Its nothing entirely gamebreaking I don’t think.
How gamebreaking can stickwatching be in other games? Is it really worth causing an uproar about?

If only it were that simple. As a TO, your job is to ensure that the brackets run smoothly, but that’s only one part of the job. Your job isn’t to be a complete asshole and DQ people if they’re a second late. You WANT people to play their matches because they a) have already paid to be part of the tourney, b) you want players to enjoy the tourney experience. You should make an effort to find players without over-extending yourself. Request that if any player is going to leave, have them leave their contact info with you, so you can call them as soon as their match pops up on deck. Many ways to do it.

Here’s some food for thought. You can volunteer as a TO to run stations and you can execute these ideas of yours. Or you can make the thin board yourself and send it off to Wizard. Far more constructive than just a poll on the internet.

You want it, bring one in and use it. Show case it and make fools outta the organizers. If it’s good, people will jump on board and support it. Start it up yourself, there’s nothing stopping you.
Whining to Evo staff about it ain’t going to do anything. They ain’t here to baby you, solve your own problems, look at the cafeID guys. They took matters into your own hands and solved their own issues.

Why do you think, they provide headphones now? Cause Daigo for one started bringing in his own to block out the noise and people followed suit. Not because Daigo bitched at them for not having headphones.


Why is it every time I try to quote it’d quote my own previous quotes n shit…



Talk is cheap? buy me a ticket n hotel n everything n i’ll make 20 of these for ya. it might not be some high tech shit but it’ll get the job done. 2-3 boards are enough.

if you wanna get creative then paint that shit. how the fuck do you think famous inventors become famous INVENTORS? They plan by brainstorming with their head. Once they got each step down, step by step, they go execute that shit.

why the fuck would I wanna go and fly over there to showcase my idea when I probably aint gonna get shit. To support the community? sure. Me as well as others posting our ideas on here is supporting well enough. You want me to fly over there and showcase my idea? You think I got time for that shit? Evo staff can listen or don’t not my problem. I’m just stating my opinion as well as helping out future foreign players who may not be comfortable with the environment and don’t want them to get peeping tommed! How the fuck am I bitching/whining? I don’t need no one to whole my hands or solve my problems for me(I don’t even know where this bullshit coming from…). I’m just saying my shit out loud. listen or don’t listen DON’T GIVE A SHIT!
once again… LISTEN OR DON’T LISTEN. don’t give a shit!!
once again… LISTEN OR DON’T LISTEN. don’t give a shit!!

saying im bitching and whining… am I even going to compete? so how the fuck am I bitching. even if I did go n compete, i’ll tell evo staff to prevent PEEPING TOM. THEY LISTEN OR DON’T LISTEN I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! Once again I just want to help out other players. If majority of them don’t care then atleast I said what I had to say.

Don’t be putting shit in my mouth when u trying to sound like a smart ass. Here some examples of me bitching…
I won’t go to evo and compete if evo staff don’t do as I say.
I’m going to stay home because evo staff never listen**
If evo staff have 17inch screen then I might consider going…

There you have.

Shiet. Sharing my opinions is me bitching and whining. awesome!

If I was going to vegas maybe, but I couldn’t make it. I was supposed to go 2 weeks ago with my bro. shit sucks. I just wanna share what I was thinking that’s all. don’t care really. feel like i’m fighting for the players than the players fighting for themselves lmao.

in marvel. they can look all they want, it’s not going to help them. the game is too fast pace to keep track at both the screen and the opponent’s hands. So peep away. I was only referring to ssf4. It’s a slow pace game which isn’t hard if I wanna peep or listen. Especially you go up against fireball character. If you’re using ryu and u’re a sweep and a half away from me. I’ll listen to your button from that range. From that range, if I here you press a button, it’ll mostly be fireball. I’ll jump on you and say goodbye to 40% of your health. That’s just an idea. Good players can use that to their advantage against fireball characters.

Due to how many people compete in Evo, I don’t think this is a realistic suggestion unless you just want the main stage to be head-to-head. That is a more reasonable suggestion, imo, but at that point; you are really only suggesting an opinion of what you would prefer to see since, realistically, nobody besides the pros will be making it that far.

It’d taint results to have two different possible setups in a controlled environment. It either needs to be all one or all the other. Can’t do both.

You know what. Better yet.

Give all the players the option whether they want something between each other or not. They want it, put it up. If they don’t, move it back.
The newbs don’t care. Once it reaches finals, I know daigo, Xian, and Gamerbee will bomb rush for that shit against infiltration. LMAO. just saying, not that it’s true. hahaha. O I almost forgot. the first person will be MADKOF. lmao

I understand that no way evo can support all the stations with the board or w/e you ppl wanna come up with on DAY 1&2 pool. That’s why just bust it out during top 8 or 32.

and what if two players disagree on what they want?

I don’t see that happening.

Player1: Hey you mind if I use the board/curtain(w/e ppl wanna call it)

Player2:I don’t like it.

Player1: Why not?

Player2: It fucks up my game in general. It’s annoying to look at. I can’t focus with it next to me…

Player1: LOL

You see how ridiculous it will sound if someone complains. If you want it between you and your opponent, then cool.

If you don’t want it, and the other guy wants it then you can move the hell away from your opponent and have that thing next to him. Simple as pie. This thing can only be used during finals of course. To newbs who complain if people use it only during finals then they should use it during DAY1/DAY2 pools. The board/curtain can only help your game, not fucks up your game. Don’t be making excuses.