Should Fighters stay traditional

Idk why but I have been seeing a lot of threads coming up about fighters such as Melee, Disadia, Tenkaichi, etc.

My question is… In the next, lets say 20 years, should fighters keep the traditional format its akin to?
Games such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Kof etc.

Or should fighters venture out of this traditional format in the next 20 years to something less traditional?ie: Smash, Dissadia, Tenkaichi, etc.

What do you guys think? And when I ask these questions I want you to apply ithem to the fighters and franchises that currently keep the traditional format.

Not sure what your saying but I’d bet Street Fighter is going to remain 2D beyond twenty years from now. TKxSF gems sugguest Power Stone but at the same time we know that Capcom makes shitty 3D games, Dark Void being a very good example.

No I dont mean innovation of mechanics withing a traditional format. I’m talking about the traditional format itself. (Life Bars, Side camera angle, steady stage area (No platforms or stuff of that nature) Things of that nature.


fuck ML…wait what

In my opinion FG should stay in a traditional envirionment if we are talking about gameplay, they should have an accessible learning curve with enough skillcap and decent skillfloor in a technical point of view.

If they want to attract casuals they must add more practical and fun tutorials (BB - Skullgirls tutorials as an examples), single player content (MK) and other modes like Color edit (KOF), boss rush, A.I modes (VF), History modes, etc. instead of dumbing down the gameplay, FG can be made for everyone imo but some devs likes to reward new players with a false sense of achievment.

I dont think you guys are really understanding what I mean by Traditional O.o. I’m talking about the archetype that all fighters that are regarded as fighters by the SRK community keep. What I mean by a non traditional fighter is something akin to a Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, or a Tenkaichi, or Disaddia. Something along those lines

Franchises with tradition should stay traditional, new frachises should do what ever the hell they want.

Street Fighter, Tekken, The King of Fighters? Mos def.

vs. Capcom(s), aaannniiimmmeee, or other crossovers? Go nuts.

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I don’t see a problem with it, they are experimenting new ideas, in some future we will find more polished games with some new fresh content thanks to the past experiences, although many of us are really comfortable with the traditional FG engines after all these years i’ll give the benefit of the doubt if some people try to implement these new ideas in a good way.

Is it right to propose that this view is closed minded?

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Banned: No fake accounts.

Counterpoint: there have always been plenty of non-traditional fighting games.


Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen
Virtual on series
Gundam vs series
Yu Yu Hakusho Tokubetsu Hen (not enough of these type)
Senko no ronde/psychic force series
Power stone series
But to be honest their only so much stuff fighters can do before they cross over the simulation boundaries. Most anime fighter are simulations to me more than fighters.
IMO non traditional needs to be done with new/priginal IPs instead of traditional franchise.

Would be nice, but how would you hope to sell such games, especially now, where costs are way up for making games? There’s a number of reasons why the likes of Gundam Vs. has continued to thrive to this day, while Gotcha Force (its non-licensed spin-off using the same engine) flopped.

I mean, we’re in a day and age where even some fondly remembered, yet obscure titles like Psychic Force, Bushido Blade, Power Stone and Destrega are not likely going to make come-backs any time soon, and that’s largely because there’s not enough perceived demand for such. (Or at least, not without a license attached, if you try to draw comparisons between Psychic Force/Destrega and the DBZ BT games).

What is thread? There are already a bunch of different takes on the fighting genre. We have both already.

Well I guess I failed to be more clear in my question. My question doesnt have to do with the marketing aspect. But rather, should we be open to non traditional fighters being a part of the mainstream(currently only traditional) FGC.? Or should we forever keep what is known as the “FGC” as a traditonal only Fighting game scene?

feel Traditional franchise like Street fighter, KOF, Tekken and ect should not explore nontraditional format s it could be back lash by loyalist (GG2 Overture,Final Fantasy Dissid, SFEx, Kof mira for example). That’s why I said such practice should be done with new/original Ips. I feel people would be more open minded to different stuff if it has little to no reference to other franchise.

I think its possible any game with competition to thrive in FGC. Didn’t we had smash, Mario kart, and db at events one time?

We aren’t open to them? I just figured they weren’t too popular here.