Should Fighting Game Companies Include Tutorials In Their Games?

I thought it would be an interesting idea for the Blazbule, SF4 or any fighting game cabinets in the future (For the western side at least) to include a tutorial video that explains the games mechanics, small strats etc.

It should be included along side the intro (Before you put in any quarters) being played in a loop, or they can play the tutorial video by pressing the start button (No credits inserted).

I think it would be a great concept to draw in casual players. If all fighting games included some kind of detailed explanation on how to play them, then people would be more interested on what those fighting games are capable of.

However, companies don’t seem to really care. Only two games that I know of included a tutorial section in their practice mode. Soul Calibur 3, and VF4: Evo.

I would love to see fighters just as popular as FPS in the western market. It’s nothing but a dream though. :shake:

I think these small additions would help grow the fighting game community.


Very interactive tutorials, heavily divided and organized by the level of player experience to which they apply, would be really cool.

VF4 and VF4E had a ton of great stuff on them, and Sirlin’s ST videos from CCC2 were awesome. Those are excellent starting points, but I think there’s room to do even more and better with included tutorials in a fighting game.

I don’t know how much it would help to attract people that otherwise would not have touched it, but I definitely do believe that it could greatly increase the fraction of people who try the game for a short while who become long-time fans of that game.

This would suggest that, to the developers, it’s not worth to them the extra time (cost) it takes to implement such features. If that wasn’t true, we probably would already have seen more and better tutorials.

It would certainly help keep people who were already interested. An instuction booklet or even an online combo video is not the same as having it shown to you directly how the game mechanics work.

Definitely. I found the tutorials in VF4E awesome, so detailed and indepth.
But most fighting game companies are in Japan, where those aren’t needed. You usually always have enough people to pass on stuff by word of mouth, this would mainly be a thing for the West.
Here it would greatly help people to understand those games better when they are really interested and they don’t have a strong community to teach them.

Fact: GGPO thought me how to play ST Chun Li properly. Playing the comp, videos and the local community didn’t help as much. A tutorial like “the 101 of Chun Li, upkicks are your friend, just like low forward and standing strong”, with some tutoring you why, would have greatly helped :bgrin:

What I would love to see is COMMUNITY CREATED tutorials. The ability to record your own demonstration, then pause the replay in parts to add text, or add slow motion parts, as well as show the inputs that you used to do it.

It should be as simple as logging on to the official forum, looking at your particular characters forum and seeing the top ranked tutorials out there to throw on a usb and load via the game, where you can load the scenario and a simple button press will play it, allow you to pause/stop to try it yourself.

The game should also be able to look through the communities top ranked tutes on the website and direct download.

Sounds silly, be a large wall for newbies are terms and notations that they see on forums. This circumvents this, and also allows for tutorials to be as basic or complex as you like.

The best thing sirlin ever did for the scene was making those ST tutorial videos.

some ol neogeo games had how to plays after you inserted a credit but im sure you talkin about somethin far more elaborate

Honestly, this is as stupid a question as asking a Presidential candidate if they’re qualified to be president. Of course the answer is yes.

SC4 and VF5 were both hurt some by the relative lack of tutorials. I think there is profit to be made in it as well, as you lose future sales a bit from people who play the game , get owned, ragequit blaming everyone on people being cheap, and never play fighters again. You see a lot of those sorts on Kotaku.

Another problem is some games are so needlessly complicated that to do a tutorial would probably be 25% of the total game budget.

Jump in fierce, standing fierce, fierce fireball.

All companies should xcopy VF4:Evo’s training mode. Through in a SFEX style training missions that actually teach you how to play the game. Make it possible for players to download updated tutorials (e.g. setups for El Fuerte’s infinite [before they patch it out, naturally]). Pretty much anything that shows players how to get better is mandatory, IMO. It’ll increase casual interest and make players stick around for longer who normally would drop the game for the next shiney new thing.

Ultima hit it on the head.

VF4:E’s training mode is the best feature in any fighting game. Ever.

The thing I liked the most about that is it not only covered every advanced little aspect of the engine, it also taught you a little character-specific BS (mixups and mindgames) that you can incorporate into your game along with combos and stuff. I remember doing the Lei Fei tutorial and there was one segment where it taught you a “brain fart” juggle for when you couldn’t think of what else to do at the time.

It’s definitely more necessary now than ever with so many games getting online now and because the instruction manual itself teaches literally nothing about how to play the game. Someone who plays a fighting game and doesn’t go on that game’s competitive community forum knows so astoundingly little.

I too thought about this too and I have to say yes. Some shit I would have never realized in games unless I saw it while watching a video or unless told. Kamui’s 3b from Arcana Hearts can be used as an arial just not on a grounded opponent. Not knowing that would have literally made my use with her meaningless. Not to mention I was doing all types of practicing and doing 6 hit combos without it lol.

Which brings me to a idea which I though would be cool. If a program existed kinf od like GGPO where two guys could play a fighting game but the game is altered so that the time is unlimited and the players have unlimited health and special. That way they can practice on each other and train and teach one another. I think the only problem is so many players are too proud to help one another. One guy taught me to use Terry really good in SVC on Kaillera but it was a bitch because time would run out of one of us would die when training of course. Even better if GGPO incorporated it as a mode.

no wai
let’s keep uber noobies in the dark!!

I win all the time now after reading this post.

What sparked this topic was me playing a scrub in VF5 on PS3.

Since he bought VF of all fighting games, I thought he would be decent.

I chose Jacky, and he chose Pai.

Playing him I held back to see what he was capable of. To my disappointment (Not surprised though), he was mashing buttons (LOL for mashing in VF). So I let him beat me the first match so he can build upon his ego, then I squash it to the ground.

So the next match I destroyed him. He was blabbing out comments such as, “Blocking is cheap!”. The next thing I know, he quits. “I can’t beat a nerd! What was I thinking?” :rofl:

That’s why I brought up this topic. Hoping companies that visit these boards take notice so ignorant comments like these would dissapear.

I know they’re making Blazblue a little more accesible for novices, but it won’t do them much good if they don’t teach those people how to play their game.

I want future fighting games to send out an electric current through the game buttons to shock any player that mindlessly button mashes… As a defense mechanism to keep mashers from breaking the controls.

Aqua Snake:

Post on Capcom’s Unity forums.

An in-game tutorial would be greatness, but having detailed mooks for fighting games as well would be gravy. Put in some awesome pictures and make them pretty to hook in new players and give them info.

At least for games like Guilty Gear (and clones), I think VF4 style tutorials should be mandatory. Seriously.