Should Guile get a new move?

Simple question. Sorry if this has been a topic in the past.

IMO nope, because he has fantastic normals (at least one for every possible situation), 2 air throws and two of the best special moves in the game. It’s just in the sf4 engine, his flash kick doesn’t work as it should.

He doesn’t need a new move, imo. A command throw wouldn’t suit his playstyle and would actually break him in terms of design, and there’s no actual holes/flaws in his character design to begin with. He’s better in some games than others but that’s down to the game engine.

I guess its true that he doesn’t NEED one. But it would still be nice just for variety.
What do Guile players think of Remy’s qcb+K move? Would you like Guile to have it since I doubt we’ll ever see Remy again.

NOPE guile is Dope

Guile only needs his two specials. His normals and frame traps make up for the other stuff IMO.

Nah, Guile doesn’t really need it. Only reason Remy had it was cus he didn’t have any air throws; they compensated a lack of air throw for ground pressure (and fireballs weren’t that effective in 3s mainly cus of parries, which was a game design issue), so Remy needed some way of building meter and pressure on his opponents (it also helped him retain charge whilst advancing)

But in all the games Guile has been in, his fireball did its job as a zoning tool, so he doesn’t have any reason for QCB+K. Plus he could retain charge whilst advancing with back and lk/hk.

I don’t think it would break Guile’s character design if he had that move, but it would just be a little irrelevant (the move in question isn’t even that good to begin with and doesn’t offer anything new to his repertoire). Guile’s fine the way he is; I just wish his flash kick worked properly in the SF4 series :slight_smile:

He doesn’t need a new move, but FK really need some tweaking. It should be able to stop cross ups since it’s a charge move and the recovery is so horrible.


close this.

Guile should only have special 2 moves, that’s part of who Guile is.

Close this silly thread.

no hes fine just the way he is

the thing is…his normals are so good they are basically special moves themselves.

Guile should throw Sonic booms high at an angle like Gouken. THEN he’ll be more of a living wall!

frame traps???

Handcuff glitch as a special

Isn’t Guile the char that’s suppose to feel untouched (from SF2) and simple?


He should have a special move where he does the running man in glorious triumph after the other character spends 90 seconds bashing their face into his fist. He would be invincible to throws, projectiles, normals, supers and ultras for exactly 540 frames.


Am I the only one who noticed that they gave Guile a new move in SSF4? and no I don’t mean hurricane cause he’s had that in the past it’s only new to the SF4 series. One could even argue that this move is quite “glorious”.

You’re talking about the Sunglasses right? I keep losing because I always put them on…

which means his flashkick is nowhere near the best move in the game. I don’t care what people say but his flashkick is ass.