Should Guilty Gear Team Battle Rounds be 3 or 5

I was just thinking about this…when the rounds are 3 on team battles it seems sometimes u can get randomed out by dumbshyt etc…having the rounds to 5 would make it a little bit better not to get gimmicked or lose to something like a random instant kill etc…Also at evo east Guilty Gear finals was like 30 minutes cause the rounds go by fast automatically and at 3 rounds it was really fast.

wouldnt it be smarter to make the choices 3 and 5 instead of yes or no…which one is yes and which one is no…

anyway 2/3 is better more pressure for you to play smarter/safer if you get randomed out its your fault for falling for it

2/3. You get double elimination and you’re already on teams so if you fucked up you should have someone backing you up.