Should guns be banned/checked at majors?


America has a new mass shooting every couple months. I don’t want to see the fgc being next. We have rising numbers, so we have to be aware of what’s going on.

Do you think they should check for guns at the door? It sucks but its the country we live in.


Moved: Should guns be banned/checked at majors?

I guess it couldn’t hurt to do so.


I don’t even like thinking or talking about this but I feel like the conversation needs to happen.


I think the need for proper security at majors is a must.

It would be a little tricky on a case by case basis though. With different laws governing the states and venues where the tourney is taking place could make an outright ban difficult, but I agree and was thinking of this earlier, CEO will have over 2000 people tightly packed in one spot.


lol america


Because that has worked at every mass shooting that has happened in a gun free zone…

Look ideally no one would shoot up anywhere. Much less bring a gun to a tournament. As it shouldn’t be needed. And if there weren’t any guns, then they’d make explosives, nail bombs, whatever else that they want just like they do in Europe with the gun ban. Truthfully there is nothing that these tournaments can do to really provide us safety. Gun check at the front door? What if they decline? Are you going to force a person with a gun to disarm? Short of hiring the police to be the gun checks, what can you really do?

I’d rather some random person be armed so they can fight back against the person that tries to shoot up a tournament. At least someone might be able to stop him, or scare him off. In the mean time, opposed to living our lives scared that someone might shoot up some place that we happen to be. Lets just live our life.


This is why I don’t go to tournaments anymore.

I don’t want to be there when some white dude in a trench coat decides to go Postal.


i dont know if im more mad that this isnt a troll thread or if that people answered this thread seriously


gun free zones are pointless. its one thing sneaking them across the country with one but any dumbass can bypass those security checks.


After you watch a few episodes of a 1,000 ways to die you just have to live for today.

I’ll be at CEO and I feel that showing we aren’t afraid to enjoy ourselves will be the best option. We can’t let the fear of what happened stop us from enjoying ourselves and doing what we love. That’s where we really lose.

Anything can happen. Some guy recently got pissed off at a tournament and whacked the other dude with his stick across the eye and now he can’t see out of that eye anymore. The worst can happen anywhere, but you can’t let that keep you from enjoying yourself.



Is this what they mean by safe spaces?


I bought my assault weapon legally and this tournament is in a stand your ground state. Don’t approach me too quick or I will think you are noel brown trying to molest me and I will blow you away!


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If it’s full of smash players and furries I encourage everyone to bring some sort of weapon and/or explosive/incendiary device.


People actually bring guns to events?


You mutants could use some kind of cleansing


News flash: if someone wants to walk in and shoot everyone, they will do so. The measure you’re proposing would do nothing to stop it. The mass shooting which just occurred happened in a so called “gun free zone”. All these zones do is let potential threats know that every law abiding citizen they’ll be killing will not be armed themselves, and that much easier to kill.


In all fairness, guns and alcohol don’t mix. Bars who primarily serve alcohol absolutely deserve to be gun free zones and should be patrolled by armed security.

Yeah, yeah, the Orlando shooting was exactly like that and it still happened. Still, the last thing you want is people pulling guns in a bar fight.

As for tournaments, just ban Noel Brown for life. Problem solved.


Of course not.

It’s important that we let players have an outlet for their salt if they get styled on, and their opponent is being a bad sport by rubbing it in.

And, don’t forget, you need something to defend yourself with if ISIS storms the venue because video games are against the word of god.