Should have abused this earlier

I was thinking that would like a new avatar with either Alice Cooper or scenes from Pistol Opera, but since I realised that I’ve not used the extra bandwidth (or whatever. I seriously need to learn more about computers before they eventually smite us all) I could have both of them in animated fashion.

Ergo, I would, post haste, like an avatar would the following pictures used:

And such. Feel free to find and/or use better pictures for either subject, especially since I know that the few Pistol Opera pictures are somewhat blurry. However, the avatar needs to contain the given Alice Cooper picture and the first Pistol Opera (which is thusly right under Alice).

Also, now that I think about it, feel free to use instance of Iori. I would give pictures, but due the sheer amount of them, the computer would probably fuck up. Ergo, I’ll be lenient with what picture is used of him, as long as it’s not shitty drawn or animated and it has nothing to do with yaoi.

Don’t feel you have to put my name if it gets in the way, but if you can, I would prefer it.

And since I want style over speed, I don’t expect it by Friday. Earliest would be Saturday, but I would find it nice any time before I go back to school next Friday (curses).

Other than that, surprise me.

Bump or whatever.