Should HD Remix patch in All New Characters?

I was personally hoping for 2 more all new characters to be introduced with HD Remix.

This is an online patchable game…meaning the possibilities for fixing things are almost limitless and a lot easier to complete than years ago.
Every time I look at SF4 they are talking about adding more characters, colors and costumes.
Why cant SF2 do this? :wasted:

So as I asked in the title, Should they add a couple new people?
Say 2 more.
I was hoping for another Boxer type to pay homage to the small boxers like Pacman, and Floyd Mayweather.

And for the other, maybe bring in a guy from Street Fighter 1…
or Alpha. Like Sodom, he was a very interesting character I never got into because I hate the Alpha fighting system.

ST isn’t like Alpha3 where they can add multiple characters all the time. This won’t happen.

Are you serious

Why wont it be done, Remember HDR is not VST just like sirlin said " It’s a spinoff of ST so ya they can do what ever they want.

This guy might have some suggestions :cool:

It’s outside of the scope of the HDR project. Or at least I think it is. From what I remember Sirlin just wanted to tweak the current cast. I don’t think he was interested in adding more characters. It might also be hard to design a balanced character from scratch. Also, considering how much hate Sirlin got for making HDR changes in the first place, I can’t imagine what those people would do if he added new characters.

Is this a request thread? Ok…I want to see:

Smoke, Ermac, Akira, Wolf, O.Hawk, 3S Chun, 2I Sean, Arakune, Gordon Freeman, Xan Kriegor, Jim Raynor, Rush Limbaugh, the entire post season 2004 Boston Red Sox roster, and of course Eric Cartman.

Adding new characters to the SF2 engine would probably require the original arcade SSF2T CPS2 source code. Something Capcom didn’t bother to give Backbone since they used the Dreamcast version of ST as a base. There is absolutely no way in hell we’ll see new characters in HDR. SF4 for sure, but not HDR.