Should "hold Specials" be 1 button press for hold and 1 button press for release?

Example: Juri’s Fuhajin (Fire Ball/Projectile).

For a new Street Fighter, the first Fuhajin would be held by pressing “Quarter Circle Forward Light/Medium/Heavy Kick” and released by pressing “Light/Medium/Heavy Kick”.

This would help players obtain and master a character with a move like this to their full potential, thus giving the developers a better view on how to balance such a character.

What do you this community think?

That’s a pretty obvious and resounding yes, in terms of a more diverse future for this character. The thing is, how broken would it make her? Surely it would be OP of Juri to have it in sf4, but I can see something working out in sf5 if the devs actually put thought into it. That being said… We’d probably end up with an entirely different Juri and I highly doubt they’d consider it. Holding FB’s is one thing that makes this a progressive and unique character, control and meta wise.

Yea I see what your getting at. I already had it in mind that the developers would have to take her character balance into account. That’s a good thing.

Also I could make an arcade stick to cater to juri using grew button placement especially since I use hitbox arcade. So the developers might as well make it this way and work around it.

I say they’re is no such thing as nerf. I believe there is a such thing as balance.

I wouldn’t shed any tears if they made this change, but the mechanic does make her unique.
I might prefer they keep it the way it is, but have us hold the top row of buttons rather than the bottom row. It’s easier to use the entire bottom row while holding the top row buttons rather than use the entire top row while holding the bottoms.

I feel you.