Should I apologize?


Sup SRK,

Aite, so my school in the Philippines offered boxing as a course for PE - it’s supposedly the first in the world or something, we even had Manny Pacquiao come to our school before his fight with Margarito to give a speech about boxing and his (lol) political career.

Anyways, we learned how to do basic punches, defense and footwork. I was tryin to basically be on top of my game so I don’t get my ass kicked and on top of that, I trained a bit with a friend of mine who was an amateur champion so I at least had a feel of what it was like to get shit on by a real boxer.

Fast forward to our finals and it’s a hands on finals - you have to get in the ring and fight. We did sparring and stuff over the course of a semester but this shit is real, 3 rounds, 2 minutes each, all out shit - you got headgear, gloves and a mouthpiece. Just bring your hands and your nuts.

Well, me being in the Philippines, I was the second biggest dood in the class, the first being my friend from New York who is a beast of a man - 6 feet tall, 270 pounds, massive guy - been shot twice and dood is still alive and he tells me all the time his brother-in-laws are all Puerto Rican and Dominicans who have water bottles for penises. So I’m like, fuck, if I gotta fight him, I got a lot of catching up to do!

Me, I’m 180, 5’11". Now, no one wants to fight him or me just because we outweigh most of the other doods by 40(me)-100(him) pounds (no joke). He’s massive, but the coaches were like, “Yeah, you guys gotta fight each other since you two are the biggest”

Luckily, there was a conflict in his schedule on the day of our match, so I didn’t have to fight him. Now, I go into class and everyone is staring at me cuz our coaches are telling them “Someone has to fight Magnetix, who’s got the balls?”

Well, this fat, wanna-be muscular motherfucker who looks like he weighs more than me who isn’t even in my section comes up to the class and gives me the point like “Yeah, I got somethin’ for yo ass!” and he comes up to me and is like “Yeah, me and you, man, let’s go” and I’m like “LOL, who the fuck…aite, homeboy wants to challenge me? Let’s do it, see who’s got the bigger dick, balls and faster hands!”

Now, I wish I had this fight on camera but sadly, I was told only pictures were taken by the coaches - there’s 3 of em btw, all 3 are Americans and the lead coach is an Olympic trainer, name is Joe Clough.

First round starts and we go at it, I’m throwin jabs cuz I know a haymaker isn’t gonna land and I’m tryin to set something up. I remember hitting the dood in the gut twice with jabs but then he tries to throw a right to counter and hits me right on the left ear. Now, this sounds gay, but I had just gotten an earring on both my ears a week prior and it was on the top part of the ear - cartilage area - so that punch hurt and I literally went numb. That’s when all the brakes came off.

I threw a jab at his face, he wasn’t fast enough dodge it and clocks him right on the chin, I throw another jab, he throws a right to counter, I hit him on the side of the head which causes his head to turn to the left, he hits my chest (lol) but then, as he looks back, I pretend to wind up a right and he looks away again to his right so if it does land, it hits his ear, but then I immediately switch it up and do a left hook and it lands square right on his nose and I finally throw my first right and it lands right upside the back of his head.

The guy starts leaking - like blood everywhere. The crowd is like “DAAAAAAAAAAAMNNN!!! :amazed:” and even some of my American friends were like “wtf, I didn’t even know you were like that…that’s some Incredible Hulk shit” cuz they know me as a pretty passive guy who wouldn’t do some shit like that.

Anyways, I’m running around the ring like a jackass, celebrating, screaming, lookin’ like Rampage Jackson doing the howling shit like a retard and even gave the coach a hug (lol) :lovin:

The one thing I didn’t do though was go to my opponent and shake his hand or nothin’ - all I remember seeing was a bunch of nursing students and a doctor around him tryin to stop the bleeding. Then I find out that I broke his nose :shake:
They haul him off somewhere and I haven’t seen him since then, but damn, I feel bad.

Should I apologize the next time I see him? Or did he get what was coming to him?
I’m just sayin, if you got the dick and balls to challenge someones manhood like that in front of everyone, you should be prepared for whatever consequences, ass beatings or whatever comes your way. Amirite?


Just be like “sorry bout your nose bro”… not hard

… now thats done its time for THANKS SRK


Fuck no…

If you break my nose stay as far as you possibly can away me…

If this dude broke your nose, you think he would be all apologetic?

A broken nose just leaks anyway but it doesn’t hurt at all… just get it set back in place and chill for a few weeks…


Hey I remember you. Didn’t you push away a naked chick in order to play MvC2 with your boy? I liked that story better.

But anway, don’t apologize. Fighters don’t take apologies and would only take it as sarcasm anyway. Lose, lose.


SRK, real people, real problems.


did you just say a broken nose doesnt hurt?! lawllll


Don’t say sorry to him.

If you see him again just make sure you are square, and there is no beef. Offer him a rematch if he wants.


When u see him, just be like, “good fight dude, you went hard”…that’s if he comes at you correctly…also very entertaining story about what happened, I could picture everything you said…


This explains everything.

Vintage Mag.


Apologize, and you should probably also give of yourself sexually.


That’s all I needed to see in a MagnetiX thread.


Do you have to talk about dicks in every single fucking post?

Seriously? You use dicks more than white chicks use “oh my god.”


I have not read the OP’s post yet, but I’m already guessing there’s gonna be something about a dick of some sort in there somewhere.

Edit: Yep.


Stop by and see him. Bring flowers. Candy. Train him in your ass-stomping ways and then become a crime-fighting duo on mean the streets of (what’s a city in The Philippines?). And oh yeah, show him your dick. :tup:


Oh right, this guy. My man loves him some fucking DICKS, jesus.


Explain to him that it was a reaction to suddenly remembering the other dude providing you with entirely too much information about his brother-in-laws’ water bottles - a physical (no homo), if you will.

This would be especially good after your asserting the desire to see who had the bigger dick as well as the faster hands.

That is one hell of an awkward combo to no homo without more than words. :\

As I see it.


lol I don’t know whats funnier, you making big dick jokes in the ring, or a random Philippine saying “Yeah, I got somethin’ for yo ass!”.

So after all that you are basically feeling guilty for not being a good sports man.

Keep being a jackass, news of you will spread of you, then make dat fight money, then you get all the women! (or men cos that was kinda gay…)



Hey MagnetiX what school do you go to?




and this was your finals? how many lessons was this the result of? (school boxing lessons)