Should I attend EVO 2k9?

I’m a smasher, as well as getting into Guilty Gear Accent Core and 3rd Strike, and I will be down in Cali the weekend before for a tournament in smash. With some of the brawlers that I’m travelling with, they’re interested in going down to Nevada for EVO for brawl, and brawl is not much of a game I have a lot of interest in anymore.

However, due to my enjoyment and hype to learn ggac and 3s, it could be a good place to learn and get experience and tips from players at high levels in those games, maybe even meet a japanese gg player if one attends.

Since I’m mostly only familiar with smash tournaments, I’m not sure if it will be too busy to play friendly matches at the tournament, or if only tournament matches will be played.

The other concern I have is about money, which the money saved from the extra trip to nevada is quite a bit, but the experience would still be great.

Any advice? I’m really quite horrible at ggac and 3s.

Go for 3s!!!

Go to Denjin Arcade while you are in Cali aka the 3s capital of North America

Judging by the current number of signups for 3s, I wouldn’t waste money on Vegas and suggest the same as Pherai did.

Edit: But who the fuck am I kidding? It’s Evo for chrissakes! Who cares what games you play. You go there to have fun anyway.

How do u check how many people are currently registered for the game?

You can’t. This is just hearsay from IRC.

Keep third strike ALIVE!!!

also, try to get into Blazblue when it comes out, OP.

i gotta go here sum day. Vegas’ “arcade scene” is nearly non-existent.

I imagine there is no Vegas scene except in the summer when EVO is held.

well, all i know of is GameWorks, which is a decent sized place, but can be pricy without a day pass. I heard that the Circus Circus has a big arcade, but idk what they have there, if it’s mostly ticket games or more actual games. Other than that, the few casino that have arcades usually feature pretty small ones. There was one small arcade on it’s own not too far from my house, but it eventually got closed since they weren’t getting enough business.

Basically, you’re right.

There’s still over 3 weeks for people to register before the cost goes up. Historically we get very few signups until 1 week before that deadline, and this year is no different. I’m sure the flood gates will open soon.

That’s the spirit!

Circus Circus in '06 had a lot of Bemani games with a few ticket games and nothing really for fighters.

Better than the Trop, who only had a busted Second Impact machine.

Thanks for all the responses.

I’ll have to give that denjin arcade a go before I swing to EVO then.

As much as blazblue sounds like fun, there’s no arcades except about 5 hours from me (Vancouver BC, Spokane WA, Seattle WA, etc), and even when it comes out on a console, I usually put extra funds toward travelling to tournaments.

SF4 is all that matters.

You could do what I do and wait.

I’m hopefully gonna attend EVO next year.:wgrin:

dude… the laylines of chance have fallen in such a manner that it seems the universe wants you to attend EVO… i say listen to the universe… EVO is a 4 day event (or there abouts) and it’s bound to be tons o funs… so ask yourself ‘do i want to have even more fun after just having had lotsa fun at a different tournement entirely?’… i bet you do

I would just go and see some live SF4 pro action and just get some experience there

No matter what game you’re into, if the game has a major tournament at Evo then you’re going to see a giant congregation of players for that game there.

The past few years I’ve been to Evo for Guilty Gear has never disappointed me, so if you’re going to go and learn that game also.

But regardless, all the new people you’ll meet are worth the money spent just getting there, so just go!

I want to marry that game.