Should I be this bad at online?

I’m 85-206 online in SF4 (XBL), that’s a 36.59% winning percentage. Not exactly great.

I don’t understand. Sometimes I lose to the absolute worst players (I got murdered TWICE today by a Guile that only used j.MK and c.HK the whole fight) despite knowing more about game mechanics than they do.

And yet I can go over to play matches offline with friends and put up a decent fight.

What the fuck is up with this?

Well, unless there are some pretty bad lag issues or something, you “should” be winning more if your skill and abilities of playing the game warrants that. You do have to realize though that even though it might seem that an opponent is really bad, who ultimately lost the fight in the end? You can know a lot of game mechanics and all that nice jazz… does not mean a single thing if you do not have your basics down. Was this Guile really just spamming j.MK and c.HK the entire fight or is he spacing you out and abusing your inability to stop it from happening? Clearly, there was something going on in that match that let him do that the entire time and you not doing anything in your “vast” knowledge of the mechanics to prevent it. Now, I’m not saying this Guile is randomly godlike but there are probably a lot of situations where you felt like you were cheated out of a win.

I’m not too sure about your skill levels with your friends. But, you do fight quite a bit of different people online and the netcode is decent enough that you can’t put too much blame on it. Go through your basics with stuff like the range of your normal attacks, what moves you can punish on block vs whatever opponent, what moves at what distance will be safe for your end, when to avoid doing dangerous things, when to take risks because your opponent can’t really counter, etc etc etc.

Also: Yeah, it’s online and it’s not something to be taken too seriously. However, a lot of basic gameplay even at pure basics still can apply to both online and offline even without the lag. It’s definitely something you can use to explore the game more.

you’re assuming you know more than your opponents. The guy used two normals to beat you…who’s better?

Your playing online in SF4. Just don’t take it too seriously.

SF4 online is an entirely different game than offline. Lag creates a big drop in the overall skill game because it makes some combos and tricks much more difficult than they should be, making it so that even a person that has mastered them can have difficulty. This changes the game and makes it a much more level playing field for same people.

I recently played a ken that I know I should have beaten, but at the end of the match he walked away the victor. I know I can block pretty well because really I feel SF4’s mix ups are much simpler than a lot of other games. If I can block Gen’ei Jin’s and crazy Rachael overhead drill mixups, then I should be able to block a simple jumping HK. Ken repeatedly just tried j HK > sweep and that won him the match.

Sure I was pissed at first, but I realized that while that player will probably make no changes to his game because he’s thinking “J HK > Sweep wins be matches, why should I ever do anything else?” With no improvements to his game he will surely get destroyed when he plays offline or against a good player with good connection.

Now really who’s the winner then? The idiot who bases his play style around using lag, or the guy that is always trying to improve his game and won’t simplify it because lag makes it harder?

In the end, worry too much about how you do online because you offline game is the one you want to be winning games in.

Assuming you’re better than people you lose to is a really bad mentality. Sometimes you might be right, but you can’t really improve like that either. Instead you should think “This guy sucks, but I lost to him. What did I do wrong? How could I have countered this garbage?” It shouldn’t be too hard if the player is really bad. For example, no question you could have countered that Guile player if all he did was jump in and sweep. Anti-air the jump-ins, block the first hit of the sweep and hit him through the next one. Calm down and focus on simple counters like that if they’re going to play like idiots. You don’t have to be fancy to win.

Also, make sure you aren’t playing in too much lag. If you’re playing 1 and 2 bars, the game is just up in the air, and you should expect whatever you get. 3 bars is just okay. 4 and 5 are usually pretty playable.

BTW, when I said all he did was those two moves, that wasn’t me being salty. I don’t think this guy even knew how to do a sonic boom or flash kick.

And yeah, I realize that I’m losing a lot. I don’t mind losing to people that know fundamentals and combos and all that stuff, hell, I’m always glad to take those losses. I just find it hard to believe that when it comes to fighting other people that I can be this stupid in the heat of a battle where I can’t win at least half my fights overall. :\

You know, as practice, I’ll get online and set parameters like

-no wake-up ex/supers/ultras
this helps my wake-up game and shows me what else the character can do

-no jumping in
teaches me other ways to get in and start combos

-no specials
teaches me what my normals can do and when I can use them

maybe the guy was doing the same thing?

Also, online losses can be chalked up to lag…to some extent. Don’t use it to justify all your loses like other people do though. A loss is a loss is a loss, and blaming it on something that affects both sides equally is just as scrubby as saying throws are cheap. If you’re not going to take the losses seriously then you shouldn’t take the wins seriously either.

I agree with everyone above, I’ll share my two cents too.

When you come across a guy who plays like this you need to not let his play style anger you, it’s hard to think straight when you are raging. Take a deep breath and focus on countering his moves.

The other night I played vs this Ryu player that would just walk up and sweep me over and over again, then when I would go to block the sweep I was anticipating he would throw me :lol:. I got so mad after he won the first round. But then I calmed down and got a hold of myself and was able to zone him out of sweep range and eventually beat him (badly).

When this is happening to you, try to snap out of your frustration and think of a way to counter them. Find a pattern in your opponent’s gameplay and exploit its weakness. Don’t worry about being cheap or upsetting your opponent, the goal is to try to get your opponent out of his grove.

On one of the Weds Fight Nights, Valle said he beat … someone (I’m thinking he said Choi, but I’m not sure), with just sweeps.

Definitely sounds as though you didn’t adapt. Who do you play as? They must have some sort of anti air. If you know for sure the guy is going to jump in and do a sweep. Use FA once or twice as the AA and pound him with a combo. I wouldn’t suggest this often as smarter people will use a special move with invincibility at the beginning and beat out your FA.

After the first hit of the sweep you can do a reversal with invincibility or you can do a lvl 1 focus and back dash.

I gotta agree with other people, not to be mean but to be straight with you… don’t assume you’re better. Did you beat this guy? If you’re better, why not? I used to think somewhat like you but it sounds like you’ve just learned some fundamentals and assume you should win because you know a little about zoning, or footsies, or spacing or whatever it may be. You gotta adapt to what they’re doing. Find a way around it bro. Good luck.

I don’t play sf4 because it freezes my computer, but I play 3s online. I’m pretty horrible, I don’t practice, I don’t really know anything about the mechanics of the game, and I use keyboard. I get totally slaughtered by some people, but other people I can still beat even though they’d be considered “better”. You can’t really just go by that, you need more than reading about stuff and practicing alone to win. Most of the people I can beat have their combos down but they can’t handle pressure, or they don’t tech throws. People who beat me normally notice I don’t know very much and just use a few moves and throws over and over, which could be whats happening to you I don’t really know. Otherwise it just sounds like you can’t adapt, I always know what I need to do but I can’t do it for some reason.

I have read other people complaining about having trouble against bad players though, but it always comes down to them expecting the person to do something they obviously won’t, or the bad player doing “random” things. So it basically just falls into adapting again. I guess it’s kind of pointless to adapt to how bad people online play, but if you think about it, it would be pretty bad to show up for a tourny and lose in pools because I decided to show up too.

anyone who thinks that online is relevant with anything more than 2 frames of lag is kidding themselves.

i suck at online, completely different story offline.

offline i’ve played and beaten people 10-0 easily… then we hop online and they 10-0 me. true story, it happens alot cause of how shitty online is. or at least how shitty my connection is.

if someone beats me online then i will simply say that they are the better player “at online play”

but online play doesnt matter till they start having tournies that are online only that pay money… till then online is a useless judge of overall skill on either players parts.


I’ve seen plenty of people make a point to only use like one button to beat their opponent to demonstrate how bad their opponent is. It’s a dickish thing to do, but its also kind of dickish to assume someone sucks because they didn’t do any flash kicks or sonic booms.

This used to really bug me, too. I’d try to play everyone the same way. Fighting a bad player with the same mindset I’d fight a good player. The same things just don’t work. Against a good player there’s a whole bunch of stuff you don’t have to watch for. They know what isn’t safe, and don’t do it. They won’t jump in at you from 3/4 screen or do the same exact thing everytime either of you get up. If a scrub has thrown a fireball at you everytime you wakeup, you can’t expect him not to this time because you just got ultra. He’ll do it again. If you lose to someone in that kind of mindset, you gave them to much credit. Just play these people like the idiots they are. Any time they have a chance to do something smart, assume they’ll do something dumb. Play safe, pay attention to their simple game and counter it.

I have to admit, this happens to me as a Guile player. Someone who’s good can be conditioned to do or not do certain things in certain situations. All of us do it all the time.
However, once you run into a flowchart dude/dudette, conditioning doesn’t work. If they ate a massive combo because they SRK’ed on wake up, the 4th time you expect them not to SRK so you walk up to start your shenanigans, and eat another SRK or Ultra or what have you.
it’s hard to play against people who dont “understand” the game. They can’t be conditioned so they are impossible to predict. Honestly, ignore those players. Finding ways to beat them tends to lead to bad habits once you play someone decent again. I’ve seen it happen first hand (I shoved my way into G1 with Blanka with pure bullshit…and it worked. Not so much when the opponent wasn’t an idiot later on) and you have to force yourself to play decent people only.
Losing to skill is fine, you even learn a thing or two. Losing to a flowchart [character] is sad and completely your fault but don’t fret. Win or lose, you won’t take anything away from that match.