Should I bother trying anymore?


For the first couple of years, I was pretty decent at this game. Mix of wins and losses, but I knew my way well enough around this game. Since I started maining Fei Long, I started getting better for a while, but after leaving and returning for a few months, I’ve yet to find anything short of an asskicking. No one on this game is bad anymore - just bad sports. I have no one on my level to practice with.

Is there any point to playing anymore? I like playing SSF4, but I’m here to practice and get better, not become everyone’s punching bag online.


Take a glass of fresh water with that salt, fire up YouTube and hit the training room.


YouTube…I keep forgetting that component. I’m so used to playing self-taught that I forget about this. But I’m mostly tired of people mirror-matching Fei Long against me. It’s like they know he’s the only one I’m even remotely knowledgeable with and use him to piss me off. What gives? While I’m at it, Fei Long advice-givers tell me to be more patient. I’m not very good at punishing.

I’m also in the midst of trying new characters. I have a very rushdown oriented style, so I’m using Fei Long but playing like Ken. I’m thinking of using Cody or Rose sometime.


Yeah using a style that doesn’t fit the actual character can be hindering. I would say try out a more defensive oriented character to work on your blocking, teching and punishing and come back to Fei Long later if that’s who you really aspire to play. Worked for me.


I’m no pro at the game, but what I can tell you is not to give up. I know that what I’m saying is really cliche but I used to be the same in Persona Arena, in fact, I started watching matches and learning what I can punish with my character. Watching fights and practicing is like the whole battle. I sure hope what I’m telling helps you. :slight_smile: Gotta help the fighting game buddies :stuck_out_tongue:


You could try playing Ken like Ken. Or Akuma like Ken. Or Akuma like Akuma.

Also, are you playing AE? Because, if not, you might just be fighting the small group that never moved on to the next version.


do you like the game? are you willing to work hard? do you have the time.

Only you can answer that [Asian Flute Sound]

Really all you can do is practice more till you overcome [i gave up on sft in vanilla, then, Ae, i only started in ae 2012 because my laptop fucked up and i needed a gaming fix for Sc2 so i finally to it seriously

Once you get better it will be fun as hell. I have fun even if I go 0-10 vs someone as im learning and they are willing to keep playing to teach me.

Let go of your ego. Try to find people to help you learn. accept your going to get dominated by some people.

Most importantly… Realize you suck. You dont know as much about the game as people beating you. This means losing doesn’t as with more training you might beat them.
You may suck now but you will get better.

Also find people from endless/ranked that are your level and have a good connection and add them to your friends list.

Ask for advice in your char forums/ask your friends for advice

Check out: for footsie knowlege

It gets fun really quick once you start to understand it but when your clueless it sucks to lose if your were good at other games (in my case counter-strike) [ it made me quit twice till i came back]

Also use the regional matchmaking and character forums to find people.

And even still you will get domininated…alot.

But you will break through it. [I went 0-30 at some times before i figured out how to play

Finding 1 person that is newb and 1 person that is good at the game makes a huge difference both in fun and in learning potential as you have ideally…

  1. A worse opponent
  2. A better opponent
  3. An equal oppont

to play against

TLDR: Its a question you should answer yourself.


state your problems that you have while playing and state how you would like to play and ask people to suggest chars

Find people that are ok wooping your ass and play them day after day getting your ass beat and don’t look to win but only to improve
I used to go 0-15 vs a buddy i had, 1 year later i was wooping dat ass

And no you shouldn’t give up unless you have other things in life that take more priority and spending time improving in this game is too much [Other hobbies, Girlfriend/wife, School, Job, interest in another game]
If you really like the game your gonna need to put in work. Just like going to the gym with a buddy that can deadlift 500. You may only be able to do 225 but your get there only if you work at it and if your friend is cool working out with him then you have a training partner.


yes you should give up trying to assert yourself through random online matches.


fighting people that bring salt to you and make you hate the things you do is your problem? you should stop playing them and find someone reliable.


Give up.


#1 Manage your ego a little more effectively because your letting it make a activity thats uua;y fn become stressful. This it not consider healthy. For starter be aware that your in a competitive environment and that your going to have to experience losing. Second take these experience more humbly. The people your losing to put alot of dedication and work to be where they are. So you should respect them for their progress.

#2I don’t think you should give up but learned to compromise. Either do what it takes to win at SF4 whether it be exploits, counter picking, or what ever. But if you can’t or don’t want to do that than accept that maybe SF4 isn’t your game and you should move on to another one.

Honestly you know your self better than anyone else. Only you can really decide what will be your battle field.


My experience with the game has been nothing but poor. Train all you want. Try as hard as you like. You won’t win. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I do have some ideas.

First, I’m pretty sure that a lot of the console players have sold-off their Xbox360s & PS3s for the newer consoles… but Street Fighter IV isn’t available for next gen. (yet) So, this tells us 2 things: 1) The player-base on consoles is likely smaller; and 2) The player-base on PC is slowly expanding. Granted, this is all just my opinion and observation but… I’ve seen WAY too many people on the PC version with extremely low scores (PP/BP) that play like tournament players. People are either using keygens or are creating new accounts when they migrate to PC. (If nothing else, their PP/BP is reset when they go to PC. So lame!) If you are playing on PC, you will see many good players that appear to be scrubs. If you are playing on console, I imagine the majority of those that remain are dedicated players. (Just a guess on the console thing though.)

Second, I don’t know what kind of environment the game was in, but for the past 6 months I’ve gotten nothing but beatdowns. Wins are difficult and rare. Players that I can defeat won’t rematch me, and players that I cannot possibly defeat will rematch every chance they get. (Because SF4 players think that bad players are funny… they don’t even care about the win.) Cheesy behavior is RAMPANT. There’s nothing you can do. I’ve nearly-destroyed my controller with rage. Lately, I just set the controller down when they are cheap. You can’t win anyway. So, why bother? Characters like Ibuki and Blanka are completely unstoppable. There’s just nothing you can do. So, don’t get mad, just give up… against these players. Don’t let these jerks drive you away from the game! Every time you encounter a cheesy player, set them to “avoid”. You’ll see them far less.

On a personal note, I wouldn’t ask for advice on SRK. As you can see, most people are just interested in trolling, making-fun, or outright flaming you. (They only like people that speak their terminology, worship Seth Killian, and have nothing even remotely bad to say whatsoever in regards to Street Fighter. If that isn’t you, they’ll hate you for making posts.) The FGC is an elitist group with no interest in growth. I got a ton of advice on this site, which did absolutely nothing for me. Just do the obvious things. (Like practice.) One thing that has helped me a great deal is watching tournaments. When I see a great player getting dominated, it gives me a sense of relief. I’m reminded that, no matter how good I get, there’s always some cheesy-thing that can defeat me. (Check out ESGN “Fight Night” on youtube. Watch as the EVO champs get owned. Then you’ll realize, it can happen to anyone.)


Yeah well Im pretty new as well I’ve had street fighter games all my life but I never really played them alot and then about last year my frined showed me how he got so good at street fighter 4 AE 2012 and I’ve been learning since then. Im super average with a bunch of characters instead of being really good with one like everyone else seems to be, but you have to ask your self what are you playing the game for ? Ar you playing it to have a good time ? Or you playing it to be the very best like no one ever was ?

Altough Im not a high level player i love watching streams and Ive got to say its far more intresting for me than watching sports with the levels of fast decissions and mind games that are going on in it its really cool to see how dedicated people are to it, when I play online i just imagine that everyone I play against is one of these high level players, if I win thats amazing but I just got to try things and give it my best shot.

When I play online I lose a bunch I dont have massive combos and crazy things that are really hard to block but I can win sometimes If I can guess what my opponent is going to do a bunch of times which makes it alot sweeter, its not like I had to guess what you were going to do correctly 3 times with extensive combos and won but instead 6 headbutts or something like that. (Thats terrible I know I should really put time into learning one character becomeing really good and getting there combos down,but in the state Im in but in that way it makes winning feel more justified haha)

Whats more not to brag (i you play me you will see I have very little to brag about haha) but when i play with my friends who ere starting to play at the same time as me and gave up playing in matches there super easy to beat and I win 9/10 matches against them they all think Im amazin at it despite only winning like 20% of all the games I play online or something so you might not notice it but you do make imporvements as your going along, even if your improvements dont really count for much against these super good players just learn to enjoy it !

This might sound a little weird but I do alot of running and swimming and like to take care of my body however one thing that I always forget to do is drink enough water so I can pee out all my toxis inside to keep my skin fresh and free from spots. Sometimes I turn street fighter on for a bunch of games with 2L of water next to me I play like 15 games or something put some music on and just chill with the primary objective to drink all the water I need to. If I win Im happy and hydrated. If I lose Im being productive and more hydrated :slight_smile:


if you can’t win, run tournaments in your area. Your scene will thank you.


You don’t know what your talking about. I saw the advice that people posted in your thread and they were great, they fully analyze your tech and told you what you need to work on. No one is trolling when it comes to questions like these. The community here is great and willing to help you but if you shoot yourself in the foot by taking everything w/ a grain of salt, no one is going to help you.

In regards to the OP. You should try to find an offline scene.


off topic but i thought the OP’s avatar matched the first post. as i kept looking at it, the more and more it looked like JarJarBinks


You are pretty much the definition of a scrub…


Never give up friend, no one remembers the person who quit!

Also, getting good can be made easy friend, I’ve noticed that many of the people who place well in tournaments have started playing FG’s relatively quickly

  1. Review your matches. I used to hate doing this due to stupid pride but do it. It will make you good so fast if you can realize what you did wrong.

  2. Practice smart, not hard.

  3. Constantly review your play, never become complacent.

  4. Play someone you can see beating.

  5. Use SRK, it’s a great resource to make friends or at least consistent training partners. If you can find a local scene, even better.

You may not want to win EVO, tournaments or majors but you can get better. Nothing is impossible.

That’s the best feeling in the world. This guy used to body me with Sim, now my Ibuki just pummels him in the corner after like 2 months of going ham on that match up.


Yeah, i don;t see how anyone can say these forums are bad. As far as elitist, well i played WOW since release and PVPed hardcore for years, naturally you are cocky and want to brag, but it’s not personal. Look, the rage i feel when i get butt smashed is intense, but i got a fight stick i cant afford to smash it lol… I played SF 18 years ago, hardcore for 2 years, i thought i was damn good, in my area i would get most wins, sure we were all prolly scrubs lol. Yes, online im getting butt trashed like you, i get lag and at times its as if im in a time warp, its like they see my actions then get time to react, im getting rapped and owned. The best advise here is get offline, and stay in training mode, fight the CPU on its hardest setting, sure its not like a player but you wont lag or get that idiot with auto fire on and jabbing you lol…

Again, these forums are great.


“Characters like Ibuki and Blanka are completely unstoppable. There’s just nothing you can do.”

like if u cri evrytiem (of laughter)

OP I’m on PSN and I must agree console seems to be completely dead, when I do play ranked I’m usually against the same guy over and over (may as well just be on Endless).

I used to lose every single match online and offline, and this is all I really did (and I’m starting to win now).

  1. Learn B&Bs and links, w.e is necessary for sufficient damage output, and practice in training room until they are embedded within your muscle memory

  2. Watch tournament matches with your character (I watch a lot of shoto players bc I am a shoto player)

  3. Learn to read your opponent and think a bit more while playing and weighing risk/reward in situations

I also concur with finding an offline scene. It helped me out.