Should I bother with DC?

So i’m frantically trying to find a stick before christmas and have to figure whether for DC or PS2.

Now I already have MVC2 for PS2 and i wanna get a good stick to practice, but should I buy MVC2 for DC? About how much will it run for and where?

Will it be that much better for DC? Can’t I practice all the combos and infinites and stuff that is important on the PS2?

SO people who know answer could you help me?

And also input on good sticks could help though I’m already trying to get help in the Hardware forums.

i think you should get DC. evo and most competitions use DC and also DC is closer to the actual arcade

just buy it from gamestop or ebay. the game will be less than 10 and DC will be 15 or less.

imo, i dont think it would be a big deal if you played on ps2. you can practice all the stuff just fine but maybe the timing is a little different. a lot of cool glitches were taken out though…

Dreaded Fist makes good sticks and ive same with Finkle. Snaake used to make sticks and they were pretty good also but i dont think he is taking orders anymore.
You could also make your own stick and cut the cost by about 80 dollars.

I know my local gamestop carries sticks for like 30 bucks. Nearly bought some last time I was there. Other than that, I’ve got the DC version and the only problem I have is that the joystick on the controller isn’t large enough for me. It’s much more difficult to pull the QCF’s with it. I’ve got big hands :confused:

Definitely get the DC version. Graphically, the game looks better on the DC. I’ve also heard about the XBox version having hit detection issues. And, yeah, fun glitches are fewer in the PS2 version from what I’ve heard. The PS2 and XBox versions haven nifty artwork, but the DC is closest to the arcade, if not perfect. Only downside is finding a good stick.

Especially for a DC. Damn!

well im getting one form DFist :wink: i just need a converter.

Otay. :slight_smile:

Great converters for PS2 -> DC are Innovation Converters. They are sold on e-bay all the time.

Ebay is a rip off, get them from the real site where they have free shipping as of now.

Best bet is to get a PS2 stick, then get a converter.

yea i bought a ps2/psx -> DC converter off of Ebay

if it’s not there,just type “Dreamcast 3 in 1” and you’ll usually find it.

i have two of them and they work damn good

Layout is how you want it to be to


Square/X Triangle/Y R1/Left Trigger
X/A Circle/B R2/Right trigger

Way to read the thread newb.

Ooh kay
I’ll see which converters I’ll get, cause I also want one for the PC, and I don’t know what will work with his Stick.

But yeah I think I’ll just get it(MVC2) for DC too, it ain’t that much :slight_smile:

Just hope my DC still works, it’s been acting screwy.