Should I bring my Killer Instinct arcade board to evo?

Hey everybody,

Besides competing in a few tournaments there, I was wondering if I should bring Killer Instinct 1 for arcade down to the BYOC area. I’d like to see in this thread how many people would be interested in playing it if I brought it. I know there’s gotta be at least a handful of people from SRK that know their way around this game…

The other reason I’m posting here is to see if anybody has a supergun they can bring down and let me use with KI for this occasion…the reason for this is that I use KI on my cabinet (don’t have a supergun), and since bringing a cabinet to vegas is impossible for me, It’d be awesome if somebody else could supply this and we could have some awesome KI battles! Anybody interested in this??

Let me know your interest!!

…Wiz vs SaBrE rematch on CigarBob’s cab?

omg bring it, finally the sabre vs wiz thing can be put to bed!

If you bring it we can put it on my cabinet for a few hours.

Wiz Vs. Sabre 2009!!!

that’d be off the hook, lol.

Is this “DJ Mikehaggar” aka Pablo?

Hell goddamn yes! Do it!

Do iT !!!

:lol: You took the image I made and made it your av. Props.

Also, yes, bring said board.

-Tha Hindu

yes. i was gonna suggest this, but since i didnt have it to offer i didnt wanna be an ass. killer instinct!

Right on! Glad there is some interest. Though it seems all people want is to see Wiz and Sabre duke it out.

I can hold my own in this game as well, so I look forward to fighting the both of you guys!

And yes Matticus, it’s me!

id play please bring it

Seriously… If you were ever gonna bring that thing anywhere… where would be a better place to bring it, than EVO.

No brainer… bring it.

i’ll play Killer Instinct Gold… im no good at KI1… i’d watch it tho… so do it

problem is, and i didnt mention it to mikehagger when we exchanged pm’s, is that IIRC, ki boards require a different type of kick harness than that of a cps2/3 board. If thats the case, cigarbob’s cab cannot be used, neither can dogface’s. the superguns would need to be re-wired. unless there is some type of converter you have, then forget what i said lol

But if the above *** is right, and i know he is, you will need to bring some kind of a converter to make it work on my cabinet. I dont and will not spend any time trying to get it to work by hacking it.

btw sabre is a ***.

Damn. Special converter. That’s damn heartbreaking.

All I would have to do is rewire the 3 kick buttons from each side by simple quick disconnects…the whole process would take probably 10 minutes…it’s pretty much plug and play…I would definitely not mind doing this myself, and have done it dozens of times, so it’s really easy.

If you have a standard cab CigarBob (and nothing funky), it’s simply a matter of unplugging the kick buttons wires from your setup and plugging my wires in.

I understand if you don’t want to do this though. After all, it is your cab, and it may not be worth it to you, especially if it’s just for a few hours. Though it would be worth it if we left it for a good long time though.

Sorry that isn’t happening. Nothing will be changed on my cabinet.

Please do. I still love this game. I still remember TJ Combos 43 hit ultra =D