Should i Buy 3rd strike online or SF 2 Turbo Remix?

I play SF4 and main Dudley. But I really love retro games. Now I can’t decide if I should buy these two games, especially because maybe there’s not many people playing online.

Pros: Dudley, big character roster and community.
Cons: Focus attack, music (I prefer retro music).

3rd Strike
Pros: Dudley, stages, nice music, best graphics (for me).
Cons: Parrying, a lot of characters like Guile are not in the game.


Pros: Simple gameplay (no parrying or focus attack), best music.
Cons: Graphics, no Dudley.

The question is: Wich one should I buy and how is the online community of the last two? Is there trouble finding matches?

if you think parrying is a con, don’t buy 3s

You seriously can’t make up your own mind at this stage in your life? Come on, man. Don’t be lazy. =]

How do I know how the online community is on SF2? It might look like a “I can’t deceide thread”, but I have asked things that I couldn’t know without asking. In any case I apologise. Next time I’m gonna buy both so that I won’t need to ask.

Listen to your heart.

How can anyone know what the online community in SF2 is like? Isn’t that entirely a point of view based upon your experience with some particular subset of the people involved? It’s not monolithic. It’s not the number “5”. We can all know what the number “5” is. But perception of “the SF2 online community” is utterly a point of view based upon experiences at any point in time that would be varied from any other point in time.

There are games where you never find opponents… doesn’t matter if your connection is good, you just can’t play ranked matches. I wanted to know if SF2 was one of these games.

HDR is difficult to find matches these days. 3SOE is a little better but nowhere near as active online as it was a year ago.

if you’re buying either of them for the online community it may not be worth it. GGPO is probably a better situation for both games. 3SOE is a good offline port though. so if you find that you like the game and actually want to play it in an environment where it makes sense, 3SOE is a good purchase.

^-- That still isn’t necessarily directly helpful since we don’t know his online platform of choice, whether he likes drama or good games or …

This kind of thing is a personal decision. That’s why people are banned from making topics like this. Flip a coin if needs be. Or if you really actually do want to know - ask in the forums for those those, or the PS3 or XBLA forums as appropriate. thumbs up