Should I buy a new arcade stick or should I use my Street Fighter 4 stick?


I was wondering if I need to spend a $150 on a new one or the first SFIV arcade stick can be used?


If the SF4 stick can still work and is operational…don’t see why you should get a new arcade stick.


The SF4 stick is one of the greatest sticks I ever experienced. Proper spacing of buttons and stick, a wide enough base, it’s what all men strive for.


What stick do you currently have and for what system? Also, what platform will u be playing sfv?


I am going to play on PS4. I have the Sony PS3 Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition.


I could buy the Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TES+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3 for $150 . I just do not know if I need it.


Nah, you’re good


Can you use it the Sony PS3 Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition with the PC version?


As someone who has gone from a ps3 stick to a ps4 stick I would say make the change. The ps3 stick is ok but to play SFV u will have 2 use the legacy driver and I always found that the response time on the ps3 stick to be kinda slow. My ps4 stick work great and the response time is a lot better. If anything get sfv see how u feel using the ps3 stick on it, if u don’t feel like its any different don’t change if u do like I did make the change.


You need to use a third party software to make it work. If you don’t want to do that, you need an xbox fightstick


U have options. If u want to keep your old stick, u can buy the brooks usb convertor or ps4/ufb pcb for that stick. The one caveat with using brook products is that whenever theres a sony firmware update, the controller will be subjected to 8-10 minute timeouts. U will have to wait a day or two for brooks to update a new firmware to make ur controller compatible again.

But if you are gonna buy a new stick, the madcatz tes+ and hori rap4 kai are about the same price at $150 on amazon. I have a the new ps4 tes+ and i can highly recommend it at that price. If u loved ur sf4 stick, you will love this tes+ just as well. I have no experience with hori sticks so i cant give u any input, but a lot of people have em and it seems to garner a lot of positive feedback.

I did both as i bought me a new ps4 tes+ stick and im currently upgrading my og madcatz te round 2 for xbox 360 pcb to a brooks ufb that will work on 5 platforms.


I bought a new one, my old one was fully customized and dual modded… The wire had some wear and tear, sorted that out but thought to just buy a new one. Didn’t bother custom or modding though. I sometimes use the slide method in some games, luckily SFV doesn’t need it because of the stupid start button and I’m not changing shit. I had to adjust with USF4.


I still use my old Madcatz TE with a Brook Fightboard. Works great and I much prefer it to the new stuff that’s coming out: sturdier, wider, etc.