Should I buy an arcade fighting stick If I only want a better solo experience?

I’m new. I’ve always been a fan of fighting games. I’ve recently got back into them. But let me make one thing clear. I absolutelty catergorically suck at them. I don’t plan to fight other for just that reason. I just want to enjoy the newer graphics and cinematic stories where I can. I love just doing the tutorials and missions. Right now I dabble a bit on Soulcalibur VI, Guilty Gear Xrd and BlazBlue Calamity Trigger (a bit of UMvC3 and USF4 on the side).

The problem is that using an XBOX360 pad (on PC) I very, very inconsistently manage to get any input right (with the exception of maybe the forward half U motion). I’m not talking about during a fight. I talking during challenges or non-moving target, practice. So practicing stuff like combos, or doing what I want, WHEN I want to do it, becomes a huge problem.

So I thought of getting a fight stick mostly figuring that It might help me getting the motions right more often. The fight stick that I’ve been eyeing (based on what I can find in my country) is the Hori REAL ARKADE PRO 4 KAI. But it still is a big investment.

I was wondering if any newbies out there had a similar problem that was mitigated by using an arcade stick. Or in general what you guys think.

Thanks for any input!

Pad v stick vomes down to personal preference and what feels more comfortable.
I’m no pro either but I prefer stick and find it easier to execute inputs.

Now as for stick choice the hori stuff is all quality parts (usually sanwa), but you do pay a premiun for it
If you want to try it out without making a huge investment I’d honestly recommend looking for something second hand or borrow one from a friend just to test if you’re more comfortable on it.

If you are you can either buy a hori/qanba/razer or build one yourself.

Seems like they may have gone the way of the dodo but I remember there were some cheapo $50 (Australian dollar) sticks for the 360 quite a while ago that’d suit quite well.

Edit: While not genuine parts there are kits on ebay for about $50AUD that include buttons, lever & a basic pc pcb, if you’re comfy enough to wire it up and make a box for it to live in that’s always a cheap test option

Fighting stick is a good investment as I find it easier to control a game while playing. You can find good options all over the internet or if you have a time then feel free to visit an arcade store so that it easier for you to identify which one do you prefer. It’s like getting a garmin astro for your dog whenever you go hunting. It makes you feel ease knowing that you know where to find him since it serves a tracker.

The advantage with a stick is that it’s universal. that’s why most people advise to buy a stick.

After it is very important to test in store before buying a stick because the sticks are very different from each other.

I take my example. Before I played on ultra ulia. I had an interesting playing comfort (without necessarily that it is perfect but it was going). I play now on the hori rap pro n and I am much less comfortable on it (I do not like the hori, much less comfortable at the level of my left wristle, the stick is too bulky for me)

But the hori rap pro n was my first hori stick thus at least i was able to know the hori sensations.

Thanks for the input guys! After seeing several youtube videos I’ve decided to go ahead and buy… parts!. I went with the recommended parts and bought sanwa (at least I hope they are, as sellers in argentina for this stuff is kind of hard to know) joystick and 12 buttons (thinkin about the 12 buttons in an xbox pad). I also bought the USB decoder and wood. When it all arrives I will be building my own. This way is a little project, much cheaper and I might end up with a high quality stick with repleceable parts!

Knockoff sanwa’s don’t have the official logo on the under side so that’s how you can check if it’s the good stuff :slight_smile:

As for your build here’s some button/sitck layout templates, I found them to be great when I built my wood and perspex boxes

And some supplies you’ll want are:
2.8mm quick connect terminals
Soldering iron/solder
Wire (buy extra black since you’ll wire to ground more than anything else)
24 or 30mm speedbore for drilling your button holes
Wire stripper/crimping tool (not necessary but hell of a time saver)

Shouldn’t set you back too much and will make life a whole lot easier if you’ve got it all ready to go :slight_smile:
Nothing worse than putting the project on hold to go buy a missing part

Yeaa!! This is totally true. That’s why I’m waiting to have everything. Right now, the USB board, the buttons and the Joystick are on thge way. I have all sodering tools. I did not know which connectors to buy so I wanted to see everything that came with the buttons and usb board first. I have everything else.

I can’t wait to start using it!! _)