Should I buy an arcade stick now?

Hi everyone! I’m new to these forums and I guess you can say im fairly new to fighting games aswell!
For awhile now I’ve been thinking of buying an arcade stick (order actually) but im hesitant for the following reasons
1-The release of the next gen consoles
2-I have no access to fight sticks where I live, no modders or anyone that probably knows about their existence (so if I ever needed to mod or fix im out of luck)
3-The announcement of the USFIV TE2 sticks
I have my eyes on a TE stick for the ps3 now, should I purchase now or wait?

Any kind of help would be extremely appreciated

to be honest, I don’t know if anyone can really help you

I don’t know your income, how much you value cash in hand, how much you like the TE2 over what you can get now, etc

If you’re new to fighters, it’s definitely worth learning on a stick. You can learn and play on a pad, but you’re inevitably going to want a stick eventually- certain techniques are much easier on a stick, sticks are easily repaired, and good pads for fighting games are hard to come by (and often damn near impossible to fix when they wear out). Better to learn on one now than have to go through the transition period if you learn fundamentals on a pad. This thread is a good place to start: What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

My max budget is 200$, I feel like the TE2 would be a much better choice for me than a TE because of it being compatible with both the PS3 and PS4

I see, if I continue to practice on a gamepad and later on purchase a stick, would my skill be affected?

Thanks for the replies

In the short term the answer as to whether your skill would be affected by switching to stick is yes. In the long term no. When making the initial switch to stick your execution will go way down during the beginning period. Getting used to the stick will take a while, in maybe about a month you will have worked out all the kinks of your gameplay and will have fully transitioned to stick from pad. Once you get used to it you’ll progress normally.

Only reason i switched to stick is it looked reallly fun to push the buttons, and honestly, pushing buttons is really satisfying. I would reccomend buying one but only if you are positive that you are willing to really commit to it and deal with the transitional period where it will be harder to play for a little while.

If you want one buy one now. even though next gen is out, it will be years before last gen is phased out of main stream, and down the line you will be thankful you have a stick or two to play those old games. As far as skill at the game, pad or stick makes zero impact other than preference. The Evo USF4 world champion won on a pad (as did other top 8 placers), many of the people who place high in the Walraven Weeklyin Detroit, MI play pad CORN DevilChipp, AkumaZX, and JWE That Guy Who Mains Gouken (longest name in the fgc) are all pad players. I play stick because I like it better, but it gives me no real advantage

I see, so I will need to practice a bit with a stick until I can “recover” from the transition, that’s fine, and as you said I do admit that it looks alot more fun than using a pad, I feel like it would make some executions easier (Ex:Shoryukens or any Z motion attacks)

So the better choice would be for me to transition as soon as possible if I want to use a stick, I watched Evo this year and I do recall that the winner of USFIV used a PS1 controller to win the tournament.

Thanks to everyone who replied, all my questions have been answered