Should I buy an original Saturn controller and an adapter?

Before anyone links the USB model, I’ve already used it…for a whole 6 months, I might add, before the down button decided to break off entirely rendering the entire controller useless.

People have told me that the SLS model is no good, that the build quality is not as good as the original. So here are my questions: is it viable to purchase an original controller and an adapter? Are there even adapters for Saturn controllers or would I have to jerry-rig something together in order to use one on my PC?

Also, how is the Saturn 3d controller (came bundled with Nights) for fighting games? I don’t imagine the d-pad is much different, but I could be wrong.

And, finally, what makes the Japanese Saturn controllers better than their American counterparts? Are the differences significant or is the concave design of the American model just as good?

Thanks. Looking to finally replace my aging Dual Shock 1 with something good, any other suggestions for pads would be appreciated.


That doesn’t really answer my question(s), but thanks.