Should i buy for pc or ps3

should i buy for pc or ps3 pretty much as the title says looking t buy it for one or the other

Some people say that PS3’s netcode is even worse than the PC version. However, you’re guaranteed to face more opponents over there compared to GFWL.

Yea the ps3 version’s netcode can be pretty terrible but psn just isn’t that great in general. The pc version is behind on updates but hopefully it’ll get patched soon to match the consoles. It also has a smaller player base. All that said though me personally, I prefer PC gaming over consoles, PC has better graphics, customization, and better online environment.

So anywhere have it on sale lol

If you’re gunning for the PC version, I heard that they have a sale at Gamefly. Please take note that the DLC sale being touted by Capcom only applies to Steam and not the GFWL Marketplace. It sucks to be in GFWL, really. :frowning: