Should i buy Guilty Gear Xrd?

I have always been into Tekken and Street Fighter, but the latest games are getting a little outdated (Currently waiting for Street Fighter V and Tekken 7). I was thinking about getting into a new fighting game, so Guilty Gear was one of my options.The anime style is what’s questioning me. Im not a huge fan of anime in general, although I like a few animes. Will the game still be enjoyable even if im not a big anime fan? And is the online community still active?

Correct me if im wrong, but i couldn’t find a Guilty Gear category, so i had to pick this one :pensive:

My thoughts exactly.
I too am getting tired of the outdated games & waiting for the next gen ones.
My fears are that of yours as well, but idk it also seems too flashy (the gameplay).
I looked it up yesterday on the ps store, and almost 70$ isn’t a small amount of cash.
Gotta make sure first.

If you are interested in Guilty Gear their is a dedicated website called I’d recommend it even though the online match making is odd. There are public lobbies that you have to enter to find people, but everyone goes to the one the first room in the north east generally. GGXrd is pretty darn balanced and is super deep. Except maybe Pot & Ram everyone can do pretty well at a high level right now.

Thanks! But how is the learning curve? Difficult? Easy? Im looking for a fighting game that is hard to master

Like a brick wall that turns into an upside down mine field.

yes buy it

Defn buy it. It’s very fun and while it might be different from other games played it has what I would describe as a nice even learning curve. You can be effective at a basic level, and then as you develope your play it really opens up. I’m not an anime fan myself really, seen about 10 and read a little manga, but it’s a treat of a game and beautifully crafted.

It’s a fun game, but I’d buy an used copy or wait for Revealator at this point.

A used copy would be good yeah, though Rev still won’t be out for a while and everything learned in the game carries over. Gameplay tweaks themselves are very minor and it’ll give TC a good indication of whether he should pursue the new version based on how he views the prior.

Im also planning to pick it up as well. I never really like the pace of street fighter. After watching evo 2015 of gg I fell in love with it.

Which platforms still have active online?

It’s crossplay on both platforms.

I think I’m going to jump into the ring.

I recently DLed the demos of every FG I could find on XBL and I keep playing GG Accent Core over and over. It’s very colorful…reminds me of MVC2 in that aspect. I’m not a fan of games that are too dark like MKX. Even UMVC3 is a little too dark for me.

If you like fighting games, then yes. It’s a fantastic game, the current version is not too different from -REVELATOR-, and it’s on sale for $23.99 (PC version) on Steam (which includes DLC) or $25 (PS4 version) on PSN. More info here: Guilty Gear Xrd on PC/PS3/PS4! (Resource links compilation.)

I’ve played the oldschool GG’s when I was super young, but xrd is the first one I’m taking semi seriously until SFV comes out and I’m really enjoying it. The gameplay is fast paced and super fun. Plus Ramlethal is bae, nuff said.