Should I buy P4A for Xbox or PS3?


More of my friends are getting it for ps3, but I have an arcade stick for the xbox.


It depends on your circumstances. PS3 is the preferred choice for most anime games, mainly because tons of the old ones were on PS2 so I think there’s some sort of Sony console loyalty going on there.

Xbox has a good scene for fighters. It wasn’t bad for Blazblue either, in fact I think it was pretty healthy too. If I were you, I might just get PS3 and dual mod the stick if my friends were going to play on it really consistently.


Don’t know if you read the front article or not but there is a report that the XBox 360 version has online issues.
If you don’t care about online capabilities than make you can make an educated choice after exploring the differences.


There’s your answer…


Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll get it for ps3.


So the xbox version is pretty much fucked then at this point, i prefer to mostly play on xbox even with 2 ps3s in the house,and just lke to play online, psn network is always worse then xboxlve and everyone uses wirless like crazy on there. now xbox to


Until the supposed problem with the 360 version’s online is fixed, PS3 will be the only way to go. Unless it’s fixed before release in the US (obviously Japan will be all PS3 for multiple reasons), then likely the fix will be too late to not make PS3 the superior choice since everyone will be on that automatically.


Argggg changing my pre order as we speak to ps3 , you won me over with that post as i think the community will be small fast, ps3 it is


Irony considering I only have a 360 and it’s my only choice.


I’m getting 360


If the problems get ironed out and there is a decent size community, ill snapp up a xbox version as i prefer xbox live


The game will die in a year anyway when P4U Extend comes out or something. Lost faith in my ANIME GAMES recently.

Get it for PS3 to avoid issues and play with friends. It’s a no brainer.

I’ll just be on XBL with my rented copy maining the fuck out of Kanji.


I don’t see it being very likely that the 360 version would have bad online for long. AH3/BB 360 versions had good netcode, PS3 P4A does, it is probably just some bugfixing issue.


well for me, fighting games are best played with friends, since most of your friends are on ps3 then the ps3 version will be more enjoyable for you.


How has the online experience been overall though? I’ve had terrible luck playing SFIV/3rd Strike and dare say marvel on ps3. Xbox is just about always a great experience though (except with marvel of course) Ive never played BB or other anime fighters on ps3 tho, how are they online?


As a PS3 player…
BB was good online when I was playing that back in the CT / CS1 days, but I mostly avoided offline then since I had real people to play with daily. Can’t speak for BB:Extend. AH3 is good online. I’ve also never really had any issues with AE online though, so take that with a grain of salt.

Also, since the xbox 360 persona netcode is getting a patch I’d expect it to work just fine by the time it drops in the states (or soon after).


Yea its already been patched. My main concern is i dont want to come home from work, hop online and deal with laggy ass matches all the time. Pretty much a waste of time. 1 other thing tho is I think p4a on ps3 will have more pro/better players as it seems to be the standard. Pretty much how 90% of all SFIV pros that play online play 360.


fuck that noise, xbox 4 liF3 homezzz


im going to get it for both, though i prefer playing on 360


I was a little worried about choosing the Xbox version after reading about the netcode complaints. Aksys got to work on the patch without a moments notice though, so it’s all good.