Should I buy Soul Calibur V?



I have to say that I’m new here at Shoryuken and that this is my first post. Sorry if you find any grammar errors but I’m not a native english speaker.

Either way, my questions is this: I manage to gather some money and I’m thinking of buying a new fighting game. I already have SFIV:AE; SFxT; Tekken6 and MK. I thought about Soul Calibur V. I have watch some videos and some reviews and it seems pretty cool. Nevertheless I want to know your opinion as fighting games fans. Is the game any good? Is people still playing it online? I have a Ps3 by the way.

If you think that its not worth it, can you please name another game?

Thank you.


Game is solid, fun at play has one of the best online for a fighter, Single player is a little half ass but I’m assuming you won’t care about that.
Pick it up its worth it, and by now you can probably get it pretty cheap now

And if your going to be playing more 3D games also get VF5 on PSN $15 can’t go wrong at all


No, buy some ice cream instead.


It’s a pretty good game. The netcode is very good, although single player content is lacking. The best way to utilize online is just to set up a player room with people you know are good. Ranked isn’t too helpful, and the Global Colosseo is where scrubs complain. There are more SC players on 8wayrun.


It is good, and last time I checked most of its players were on PS3.
I’m not sure about the size of its playerbase, especially online, though. It’s at worst “not tiny” on account of having been a main game at Evo this year.

Does your area have a store or service where you can rent games cheaply to decide whether or not you like them? If so, perhaps rent SCV to try, and then buy it if you enjoy it?

If you decide against SCV for whatever reason, Persona 4 Arena is coming out pretty soon (August 7th in North America). I recommend checking out P4A (also sometimes abbreviated P4U, thanks to the original Japanese-region title) whether you end up getting SCV or not.

PS: Your spelling and grammar are better than many native english speakers.


Thank you for the advice.


SCV is a fun game. The most fun I find I have, is creating new characters to use. With all the costume options, you can make some really creative toons. I fought someone the other day, and he had Leonardo and Michaelangelo from TMNT, complete with half-shell!!


i picked it up on sale at best buy for $10 - so yeah if you can get it for that or less then great, if not then don’t waste your $$$.


Raphael is shit tier in that game, so the entire game sucks. Don’t bother buying it :stuck_out_tongue: