Should I buy SSFIV AE PC?

Ok, how’s the multiplayer like? Are there still many people playing? I’m not going to get a console :slight_smile:

Yes many people still playing and if you can wait steam will have the game on sale for $10 in a couple months but $40 is still a good price anyway.

you can buy a cd key online for like 9euros and just download the pirated version …
OFFCOURSE YOU SHOULD buy it for pc … Tons of players,great conections … highly recomend!!

Yes people are playing on the PC side but competition isnt as good as console. I see alot of PC players lose once and leave right away. Not caring about getting their rematch. Weak.

Yea AE pc is good. Less lag that consoles. During the evenings is fairly packed but very late its dead, like 2 or 3 PST. I live CST and have matches till about 5am. People do run with points though like project said. But then you have people who will keep coming back to take points from you no matter how many times they win. And then they act salty when you kick them out.

pc version is great. At scurb level you will get tons of flowcart ryu’s im not saying your bad its just once you get up in points on ranked you will meet ton of great player’s . or just pick more skilled . I started at the bottom I noticed lots of people will play someone like abel get stomped then run back pick ryu flow chart you to death get point and run and hardly ever see them again lol. if you are looking for great players right off the bat look for people like bagelobo, segetsu ninja, ken masssstterssss, star hero’s, sagehatrick they are great players and they play right and will be happy to help you. i dont know how good you are I’m just telling you my thoughts on it . get it have fun

The game is now on sale at Steam. Costs 5€ the normal versions, the complete pack with all DLCs 11€. I can really recommened it on PC, especially with mods for it.

Yep… Just got the email… $7.49 here in the US, $11.99 for the complete bundle! Sale ends in less than 19 hours!

I’m gonna pick up the PC version, I used to play this on Xbox 360, gonna give it a go on PC now that I do not have to pay for live. To everyone here, yall seem pretty cool based on your posts, we should play sometime.

If someone miss this sale, you can also look here for offers:
You are just needing some TF2 Keys or maybe a bit metal.
Some of these offers might stay even after the end of this sale.

Still not available in my country. fuck

I think it is possible, if you have Steam that a friend of you could gift it either or you could trade a copy with somebody, who can buy it, then you should be able to play it. Just at the GFWL, you need to set up a nation, which is supported.

I’d suggest the Steam version.

I have also the Gamersgate version but problem is that when I try to install it on a different PC, GWFL requires me to authenticate that PC. Meaning I have to create an alternate mail address (not the one I log in in live client!) and they need to send me an activation link on that address. Then they send me to the Xbox live web page where i validate the PC.
Notice that I need to follow the same procedure if i create a second user account in Windows or have another version of Windows in a different partition.

the Steam version is less strict on that.

GFWL on PC has been discontinued, client hasnt been updated for over 2 years and it crashes a lot.
All because PC gamers refused to pay for GFWL Gold subscription.

Yeah get the Steam version, the GFWL integration is fairly harmless if you play via Steam.

Thanks a ton for this- My PS3 went down yesterday, and I was about to pay 30 bucks for the PC version. Cost me 10$ worth of TF2 keys instead, traded them in 2 min.

I can skip the versus screen by pressing start when playing online? Was it always like that?

pc version is fine

lol, I just played at least four hours of Ranked matches and didn’t see one other Akuma player…