Should I buy the digital or the disc?


Hopefully this is the right place to post, I’m waiting for USF4 to come out retail and I’m planning on pre ordering it on ps3. But I’m torn if I should buy the game as the full digital copy of get the disc copy. Which one would be better?


Does the digital full release of USFIV give you all costumes? If not, then go for the disc release. If it does then it’s up to your own preference.
I personally like the disc version as i can seel it again, bring it with me to other people, like having something tangible. If you are a lazy fuck and dont eant to get of your ass to switch discs…then go for the digital one(if they have all costumes)


The digital release is cheaper and it’s there, as oposite for the retail version. However the retail version has all the costumes (except those 5 preorder costumes for the newcomers), and I guess it has the trials for all the characters and not only for the vanilla and Super characters.

Now you make up your mind :smiley:


The only difference is the costumes. Disc version has them all. Download is $15 versus Disc at $39, so essentially you’re paying $24 for the costumes.