Should I buy this CUSTOM Mayflash?

Heys, Don’t know if i should but this stick or not. All the parts seem really nice and everything, but iono i don’t have enough to fork out for the TE edition. I’ve been trying to get a nice stick at an affordable price and this stick seems really good. Anyone have experience with using a custom and using a TE edition? ahh i don’t know Any input would be great! thanks!!BR4NFigCGk~$(KGrHgoH-D!EjlLl0oH(BK!SZsWKyg~~_1.JPG

80 bucks…damn…If it uses thee stock pcb then yeah buy it i guess

it doesn’t use the stock pcb. it says in the listing you need an adapter to use it on ps3 or pc. but $80 still isn’t a bad price for the stick. figure the sanwa parts are ~$50 by themselves.

fake edit: wheres the select button (assuming that is start on the back).

The real question here is how much do you like Morrigan?

Aww, I’d take Morrigan over some randon Anime art anyday. I wonder why they swapped the PCB.