Should I buy this game?

I’ve been watching a lot of videos, commentaries, livestreams of SFxT games and tournaments and I’ve been really pumped to buy and play this game!
But on livestreams and comments on youtube I’ve seen a lot of hate for this game,
Is it because of the disc DLC thing and the early bugs or is this game really as bad as people make it out to be?
I would appreciate any sincere answers!

Make up your own mind…

Yes, I will once I get opinions from people WHO HAVE PLAYED IT.
Do you except me to know how this game plays without having tested it?
And with ppl running around giving this game a 0 on metacritic because of DLC makes it even harder for me to judge.

I agree with Geese Pants. It really comes down to what you like Milktown. I for one absolutely love this game. It’s really fun to play with friends, and just a blast overall. However a lot of people dislike it because of personal reasons, like DLC, gems, timer issues, and the online bugs that have yet to be fixed. In the end it’s really going to be up to you. If you’ve watched streams and videos and thought it looked fun, then chances are you’ll like it and you should buy it. However, it does have it’s problems, and even though patches have been promised to be released soon that should fix some of these problems, they might not be, and you might hate this game.

tl;dr - make up your own mind :slight_smile:

Yeah…you basically answered your own question.

Or you can rent it and try out the game yourself and see if it warrants the hate.

I took a gamble, got it, and I actually enjoy it.

Never knew buying a videogame would be so difficult for kids these days…

should you buy this game ? honestly no


With a few patches and fine-tuning, this will be the best fighting game around. You watch and see.

I’m one of the people who complain about this game, but in the midst of those complaints I see so much potential in this game. If you’re into fighting games, it’s obligatory to own this game as far as I care.

This game isn’t the best, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. You should consider getting it if you’re okay with playing slow matches that often end with time overs, or if you like spending time in training mode experimenting with combos and setups and such. Also consider that it’s going to cost $20 to get the rest of the characters later down the line, so you might want to wait for a price drop.

Save your 60+ for later down the line when the improvements come.or if your that curious rent it instead

Thanks, you actually answered the question there.
Sorry, I’m an apprentice engineer living alone in an apartment and I cant just throw money at every game that looks promising hoping that I enjoy what it lands on.

Hey, dude. If this game excites you, then I’d say yes! As it really is a good game, and I guarantee it will only get better with time. :slight_smile:

That’s what renting is for…

Not many places that rent out games where I live if any.