Should I buy tournament stick

I can buy one now for 300.00 and I’m debating it. I already have a se fightstick modded with swana parts.I want another stick because my daughter likes using I regret not pre-ordering a tournament stick and not sure if they are going to make more. What do you guys think will there be more.

Wait a few weeks.

It’s not worth paying double the price.

if you’re looking at the ones on fleebay for 300 or under they’re pre-orders and not the real deal.

IMHO getting a SF IV TE for $300 is not a good deal when you can get an SE for retail up to $120 and then mod it with Sanwa parts. You will end up with the same stick minus the USB cable storage compartment and the extra palm room, but for far less money.

No, like everyone said, just til the second shipment. Don’t feed the flame of people trying to rip people off due to hype.

this batch of sticks had issues anyway…so yhea dont waste your money

No. Wait and more will come. Mad Catz is making too much money not to make more.

ya its getting frustating considering i pre-ordered mine last year. but hopefully by early march we will be getting our sticks. if i dont get it by the end of march im putting the money toward a custom stick.

but id definatley say No to paying double the price just because of hype.