Should I change the stick lever?


Hi fighters,

I have a Madcatz Fighting Pro stick.

When I press down (without holding it), my character keep crouch for one second.
Do you think I should change the stick lever or just the PCB would be enough?

I’ve never tried to repair an arcade stick before. It would be my first time.


Sounds like your down microswitch is sticking. If you can solder, you could just replace that switch. The easiest solder free fix would be to replace the TP-MA assebly:

If you can assemble legos, replacing that part should be no problem.


Dude, your switch is set to ‘DP’, yes? Not ‘LS’ or ‘RS’?


I don’t have anything to solder at home. I guess I would have to change the TP MA assembly. It’s not very expensive though.


It was set to LS. I didn’t pay attention to it. Should it be different? no more crouching problem when set to DP?
I would test that tuesday. Wifey is sleeping.


Sometimes directions “stick” when set to ls. Switching to dp may resolve your problem.


Thank you guys it’s because it was set on LS…
I’m such a noob…