Should i clear coat?


So I’m in the painting stage and i’ve pretty much finished the base coat. I’m using a flat black and am very satisfied with the matte finish. At this point should clear finish be required at this point? If i apply clear coat it’ll go glossy, but i want to keep the matte finish.

What route should i go short of buying a whole new can of satin clear coat?


Just go get that whole new can.
Clear finish is to protect what is under it.

You could try the clear finish you have.
I did that on flat white,
it did not get shiny at all.
However maybe you do not want to take the change to
sand everything again and start over.


Try spraying 3 or 4 layers of clear to build up the finish. Then when its completely dry, use a high grit (800, 1000) wet sandpaper to take down the gloss. You’ll still have the clear layers to protect the finish but you’ll have a dull/low gloss finish.

Maybe try it out on some scrap wood first to see if you’ll like it.


Seconding what Takahashi said: get the new can. A quart should be more than enough, it’s no more than like $8 at any hardware store, and it’s gonna be a lot easier than sanding stuff down.


You could try something like Testor’s Dullcote for a flat finish over the gloss varnish. That way you get the finish you want and the protection of a gloss varnish.


I’ll apply one layer of the clear i currently have and see what happens, if it goes glossy, I’ll sand the surface and get another can.


I once sprayed an electric guitar matt black, it lasted for years of abuse.

I think it really depends of the preparation of the surface before painting.